Tournament UAC-34
The United Average Championship tournament will last one week, from August 19 to August 25. The winners will be determined based on the Top-5 of Average Supreme'15 ranking. During the tournament, participants need to answer all 15 questions every day, without missing a single debate day. Otherwise, participation in the tournament will not be counted. The results of the tournament will be announced on Monday, on August 26.

Only owners of Supreme'15 (x2; x4) packages can participate

in the tournament.

In order to win in the tournament, participants must make an effort to get into the Top 5 of the Average rating in the Supreme'15 debates. Supreme`15 Average result is the sum of coefficient of all participants divided by their quantity. Your position in the Average ranking is based on the difference between your personal coefficient and average coefficient. Participants of the competition will be able to monitor their position in the rating of the tournament in real time. The total Prize Fund of the tournament is $1200.
Online results of the tournament