AveHum Supreme`15 Tournament

Average ranking shows the position of the website participants compared to the average result in Supreme`15 debate. Average result is the sum of coefficient of all participants divided by their quantity. Your position in the Average ranking is based on the difference between your personal coefficient and average coefficient. The participant, who scored the coefficient closest to the average, takes the first place. The winners will be announced on Monday, on May 20th after counting the results of the survey! In order to win in the tournament, participants must make an effort to get into the Top 5. We present to your attention information about the distribution of the Prize Fund: 1st place: $500; 2nd place: $300; 3rd place: $250; 4th place: $100; 5th place: $50. Read More...

Who is eligible?
Users who have purchased Supreme 15 debate packages.
How to Join?
You are required to answer the questions taking into account the opinion of an Average human rather than majority.
How to win?
You are required to answer the questions in an endeavor of getting the coefficient, closest to the average.


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