You can use DB Advisors products to develop your leadership skills and to earn additional income. Choose products that suit you, and open up new opportunities.

Advisors Club

Advisors Club is a closed club for users of DB Advisors. Members of the Club have special privileges: the right to receive the prize fund of the tournaments and marathon of Advisors, as well as bond of the company. Other users are allowed to fight for prize funds, but do not have the right to receive them.


DB Advisors offers the work as an instructor to people who are ready to share their experience and knowledge with the world. Choosing the topic of your course, you start learning communication with your students. This way you provide them with valuable help in acquiring the skills of other people understanding and receive additional income as well.

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We apply an innovative approach to the job search process through this product. Resume is available for viewing in paid mode. Author receives certain bonuses for each view of his resume. The rest of the amount is allocated to the promotion of the resume in various sources.


Bonds of DB Advisors are a valuable asset, the value of which tends to grow. The value of bonds is formed due to the means in the fund of “DB Advisors”, which are formed in the percentage charge from various user operations. Bondholders receive their money at the end of each quarter.

Interview with leaders

If you have achieved some success in DB Advisors, whether it is a leadership in the ranking or a victory in the tournament, then you have something to share with others. Tell your story to thousands of people from different countries. Interviews are posted on the website in paid mode and you receive part of the profitability of the article on your balance.

Advisors Training articles

DB Advisors provides its platform for posting articles. You do not have to be a writer, but you must be well aware of the topic you are describing. Your article will be available to users in paid mode, and you, as the author, will receive a part of the accumulated amount.


Every day 30 new questions are posted on the website in the Survey section. Answering the questions, you must choose the answer that according to your opinion will choose the majority of respondents. Users receive bonuses on their balance for every answer that turns out to be the most popular. In addition, by participating in surveys users gain rates.


Extra-surveys consist of special questions for members of the Advisors Club. Criteria for choosing the answers here correspond to the conditions of standard surveys. The price of each Extra-question is $1, hence, bonuses are higher here. Extra-surveys are posted on Friday and Saturday and are available within 24 hours.

Survey results Packages

You have the access to the opinion of thousands of people in the Survey results section. Here you can find out what percentage of respondents think like you, which answer most people chose. Analysis of this statistics will help you to develop the ability to determine the desires, moods and needs of others, as well as your own to solve practical problems.