DB Advisors EQ School

The training program is based on the experience of our team and the experience of world-class psychologists adapted to the concept of DB Advisors.

DB Advisors was created on 1/10/2015. Currently, it already has on its website almost 150 000 participants from 70 countries. Participants, visiting the company's website every day, choose one of proposed answers to 30 questions, based on the probable opinion of the majority , rather than on personal opinion. That enables the most successful participant to earn money from the Prize Fund of the Company

The concept of DB Advisors is the desire to identify people who are better able to "recognize the opinion of the majority" than others, and those who do not get this good or do not get it at all, teach it.

That is, to help increase the level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as possible for more people. After all, it is just that our society is simply bound to be today, we will not be afraid of loud words having in its composition the majority of people with high EQ. First of all, for the personal benefit, and as an immutable factor - for coexistence with Artificial Intelligence not as an enemy of mankind, not even as a competitor, but as the most valuable "collaborator" and like-minded person.

Many DB Advisors claim that they began to understand both themselves and people, increasing both their earnings on the site and immediate work, thanks to competitions in various tournaments, debates, reading and analysis of articles and other resources that the site is rich.

But some participants are not quite able to do it themselves, which is expressed in their not so great success. For them, we created additional resources (training packages), following participants desire to increase their EQ.

Our company was going to expand its school, first deciding to study and analyze many aspects. The desire of our participants to take special courses on EQ in the company DB Advisors, was the accelerator of its expansion, for which we want to thank them.

So, we are very pleased to meet our participants, expanding the

DB Advisors EQ School.

We hope to get good results for both sides!

And now carefully read questions and answer them for yourself:


Do you feel that everything in your life is not working right?


Are you to a greater or less extent disappointed with your life?


Is there often conflict in your communication environment?


Do you find it difficult to work with your colleagues and get along with your family?


Do you feel that you can lose work and / or lose a family?


Your earnings leave much to be desired, but the best is not to achieve?


Do you often go to work and / or go home not with such a great desire?


Do you not achieve success in your career and cannot relax?


Are you often in a good mood?


Do you often feel irritated?

If your answer is "yes" to at least one of ten questions, the solution is and it is simple: work on your Emotional Intelligence, and everything will change.

Take advantage of the teaching products offered by DB Advisors EQ School
and positive changes will not make you wait.

So, if you want to better understand, develop and use your skills of Emotional Intelligence, you will benefit greatly.

This is an intensive training for your success in your career and life!

What will you learn?

  • Recognizing opinions of the majority
  • Understanding the impact of emotions on people in all situations
  • Communication skills with empathy
  • The use of Emotional Intelligence key skills in the confrontation script
  • Development of self-awareness and empathy