Clash of The Leaders

"Clash of the Leaders” tournament is held between the captains of the two teams. Captains are users with high rates. You can join the team by paying for membership in any of the teams. Voting takes place in Classic' 15 according to the rules of the website. The purpose of the tournament is to identify a participant with a more advanced skill of recognizing the majority opinion. Both teams as a whole receive a reward at the end of the tournament. READ MORE

Tournament Rules
Who can participate in the tournament?
A week before the start of the tournament, we select two participants among the active users who take the highest places in the rankings. Other users will also be able to join the team of one of the participants by making a payment, which is set by our administration.
What is the tournament format?
Users selected by us to participate in the tournament receive from 30 to 60 questions from our database. They must answer them basing on the majority opinion. After studying their answers, we choose 15 questions in which the opinions of the two participants differed. These questions with only two answers options, that were voted by the participants, will be posted in the Classic’ 15 market. Next, all users of the website will participate in the Classic’ 15 voting. The voting will last 24 hours. The participant who gets more support for his opinion in a larger number of questions from our users will win in the tournament. Note that only two participants will take the direct participation in the tournament.
Prize Fund
The winner of the tournament and his team will receive an award in the amount equal to the price of joining the team + 25% of this amount, while the lost participant with his team will receive an amount equal to the price of joining his team + 10% of this amount.



Jose Ariza Jose Ariza

ID - 361465

WINNER of the Tournament


9 Advisors

Team of Jose Ariza
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Vera Ustinova Vera Ustinova

ID - 154753


8 Advisors

Team of Vera Ustinova
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