Balance allows users answer the questions. The value of one answer is $0.05. Moreover, you can also place a bet in Debates. You can top up your balance by several ways:

  • Successful participant in surveys, when the participants’ views match the majority opinion
  • Winning in Debates
  • Clicking the “Top up Balance” button on the personal page of the user

You can check your balance you have to enter you Profile.

For every answer in the surveys $0.05 will be counted off your balance. A certain sum of money is added to a participant’s balance if his/her answer turns out to be the most popular one.

Example: Let's imagine that 150 participants in total have answered a certain question. You have chosen the answer option, which turned out to be the most popular one and chosen by 70 users.

$ = 150 x 0,05 / 70 - 0,05

Thus, your earning from this question is $0,0571.