What is Labor Index?

Labor Index (LI) is the indicator, which reflects the amount of money you have earned, as 1 LI = $1.

While signing up, depending on the type of subscription you have chosen, a certain amount of Labor Index is transferred to your balance. The LI balance allows users to answer the questions. One answer equals 0.02 LI. Moreover, you can also place a bet in Debates from your LI balance. You have several options to up your LI balance:

  • Successful participant in surveys, when the participants’ views match the majority opinion
  • Winning in Debates
  • Clicking the “Top up Balance” button on the personal page of the user

You can check your Labor Index balance in your account.

For every answer in the surveys 0.02 Labor Index (LI) will be counted off your balance. A certain amount of LI is added to a participant’s balance if his/her answer turns out to be the most popular one.

Example: Let's imagine that 150 participants in total have answered a certain question. You have chosen the answer option, which turned out to be the most popular one and chosen by 70 users.

Labor Index = 150 x 0.02 / 70 – 0.02

Thus, your earning from this question is 0.0229 LI.