Activity Log

To find out the results of surveys, you have to take following steps:

  1. Click on the    on the top right corner of the website.
  2. You have to choose the Activity Log tab from the dropdown “Menu”.
  3. In the statistics panel, you will see such results as “Yearly rate”, “Monthly rate”, “Weekly rate” and “Daily rate”.
  4. You will see below the questions you have already answered.
  5. “Question is closed’ means that the voting time is over.
  6. On the right you will see the date of the question, Incomes and the Rate.
  7. Click on the question for more detailed information.
  8. An orange tick shows your answer that you submitted earlier.
  9. The correct answer is the choice that has tolled the most votes, it is highlighted in grey.

   Note.   Each time after the voting is over, you are able to analyze your own answers and the answers of the majority to achieve better results in following surveys. Make sure to check your own rating and the ratings of other participants.