Voting in debates

  1. Click on the Go to Surveys button.
  2. Study the questions, choose one of the answers and click “Answer”.
  3. Answer all 15 questions to achieve good results.
  4. On top you will see the time the survey ends (One debate day lasts 24 hours) and the number of participants, who have already submitted an answer for that question.
  5. After the survey ends, you will be able to see your results.

   Note.    While choosing an answer try to recognize the majority opinion, don't express your own opinion.

It is the ability of a person to recognize emotions, understand intentions, motivations and desires of other people.

A participant chooses and answer based on the majority opinion, not his/her own personal opinion. Thus a participant of the website “recognizes the majority opinion”

Recognizing the majority opinion helps people develop an ability to recognize the intentions and desires of other people.