Where To Start With?


Creating an account

In order to participate in the debate, improve your understanding of people and actively develop your emotional intelligence, you will need to Sign in or Sign up. If you do not have an account on DB Advisors, you can create one by following several steps:

  1. Go to the database.az website.

  2. Go to the Registration section and fill in all the fields.

  3. To complete the creation of the account, you will need to confirm your e-mail address.

  4. If you already have a DB Advisors account, you can enter it. To do this, enter your e-mail address and password, and then click "Sign in".


   Note.    Only persons who have reached the age of 18 can create a DB Advisors account.

You have to verify your e-mail address that you used while creating the account, in order to complete signup at DB Advisors.

To verify your e-mail address, simply click the link ("CONFIRM") in the e-mail, you received, while creating the account. Verifying your e-mail address helps us make sure that we are sending information about your account to the right place.

   Note.    We strongly encourage you to verify your e-mail address as soon as possible. You cannot start using your account unless you verify your e-mail address or contact number.

If you cannot find the confirmation e-mail with the confirmation of your registration at DB Advisors, please:

  • - check your “Spam” folder
  • - if you are using Gmail account, check the e-mails in the “Social” tab
  • - make sure that you have entered your e-mail address correctly