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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the ways to make money on your site?

  1. You can purchase the Everest ’15 and Supreme’ 15 debate packages and take part in them.

You participate in the daily debate by purchasing one of the proposed packages before this. Every day you need to answer all 15 questions of the debates and increase your coefficient. At the end of the term of your package, you will be accrued income in accordance with the total accumulated coefficient. The higher your coefficient level, the higher your earnings.

  1. Participation in tournaments

The United Average Championship (UAC) Tournament is regularly held on our website. To participate in them, you must purchase one of the Supreme ’15 debate packages (x2 or x4) and every day, from Monday to Friday, answer questions and go up in the Average ranking. The participant who scores the coefficient as close as possible to the average is declared the winner and takes a prize fund of $1200.

We also hold the Emotion Game Tournament, in which you need to score the maximum coefficient in the ranking. You can participate in this debate an unlimited number of times improving your score. Only the best result is saved.