How is the coefficient calculated?

Coefficient is the value of the percentage of your chosen answer to the answers of other participants. Based on the coefficients rankings of participants are compiled.

In the debates – namely Classic ’15, Everest’ 15 and Supreme ’15 – there are 15 questions in each of them. Each question is equal to a coefficient of 1. As a result, in each set of debates, the coefficient is 15.

There are at least 4 answers in each question of one set of debates. The percentage of the coefficient is calculated depending on the number of people, who answered the question. For example, there are 4 options in a question, and the number of participants responding is 100. If 40 people vote for the first option, 25 people for the second one, 15 people for the third option, 20 people for the fourth option, accordingly the coefficient of these options will be: 1 - 0.4, 2 - 0.25, 3 - 0.15, 4 - 0.2.