Our team


Our team of experts is working to ensure that You, in turn, were able to go beyond your usual thinking, which directly affects all outcomes of events happening in Your life. This applies both to the professional sphere of activity, and the problems that You face on a daily basis.

The concept of "Emotional Intelligence" can be interpreted in different ways, but it is no secret that the ability to understand the feelings and thoughts of people around us allows us to find a very unusual solution to problems or offer many solutions where an ordinary person can find only one or two. Thus, developing your Emotional Intelligence, you can set many goals and easily achieve them, realize what You need in order to succeed, clearly understand what You need for happiness and what skills You need to develop in order to learn to cope with failures in life and be stress-resistant.

What is our help to DB Advisors?

We want to help users make resourceful and informed decisions.

Throughout its activities, DB Advisors helps people in solving the above tasks. Our company was founded on October 1, 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan and to this day it is engaged in the study and development of Emotional Intelligence with access to a global audience, bringing together today about 150,000 users from 70 countries.

Our address:

H.Aliyev avenue, h. 99 B, Narimanov district. Baku city, Azerbaijan Republic. Phone: +994(12) 437 30 18