Our team


Our team:

We are a team of DB Advisors company, established on October 1, 2015 in Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan, which unites about 150 users from 70 countries of the world.

DB Advisors has a very young team, but has already managed to become popular in various countries and demonstrate successful development, efficiency and high-level cooperation with participants

Denis Korolyev

Executive Officer

[email protected]
Anvar Huseinov

Operating Officer

[email protected]
Svetlana Mikheeva

Chief of EIRC

[email protected]
Leyla Kerimli


[email protected]
Tural Hasanov

Public Relations officer

[email protected]
Kamran Majidzada

Project Manager

[email protected]
Sara Novruzova

English Consultant

[email protected]
Nizami Suleymanov

Spanish Consultant

[email protected]
Altay Hasanov

Content Manager

[email protected]
Samira Kaziakhmadova

Content Manager

[email protected]

What is our help to DB Advisors?

We want to help users make resourceful and informed decisions.

Our team strives to improve the level of emotional intelligence of participants, improve both their personal effectiveness and interpersonal communication. We offer support so that a clear and comprehensive answer is easily received

Our address:

Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku city