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Somewhat peculiar, but quite pleasant taste, no less pleasant aroma, warming effect and delicate, so to speak, acuity: all these epithets refer to cinnamon, which nowadays is deservedly called superfood.

Known in ancient times, cinnamon was used as an aromatic agent and presented to monarchs as a gift, and even served as a medicine. As part of Ceylon cinnamon tree, its inner layer, cinnamon grows in Sri Lanka, but it is also grown today in many countries of the world.

  1. Let's add cinnamon to your favorite winter drink: cocoa, hot chocolate or mulled wine. By the way, cinnamon is added to hot drinks in the last place, when the liquid cools down a little, so that the spice does not lose its useful properties.
  2. What do you have for breakfast? We, for example, decided to add cinnamon to oatmeal porridge, without which our breakfast will be incomplete. And, we didn't spoil it at all!
  3. If you cut a sour apple, sprinkle it with cinnamon and wait a little, to get the apple juice, you will get not only useful, but also a delicious snack.
  4. Many housewives rub the game with cinnamon, also using it in the marinade. We think that the cinnamon will give an interesting flavor to meat as well. However, if you rub too much of it, the cinnamon can get bitter.
  5. Of course, desserts cannot do without cinnamon. It is believed that it just goes perfectly with an apple and a pear. You should make an apple-pear salad, adding to it, in addition to cinnamon, a handful of nuts and a spoonful of honey.
  6. Why not use cinnamon in winter decor? If you decorate the Christmas tree with cinnamon sticks or arrange them in vases with fruit, it will add its charm to the pine or fruit smell. This spice will definitely not be superfluous!
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