TOP 5 Musicians of The Outgoing Decade
We live to music...
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The 20s of the second millennium are coming…

We do not change: as before, we eagerly climb the corporate ladder; smile to the sun that wakes us up, complain about bad weather; we are afraid to be late for work, burning in a hurry ourselves with freshly brewed coffee with smashing the head with flavor; we stand in traffic jams; make excuses in front of the head for being late; answer phone calls that bring desirable and undesirable news; we eat a delicious dinner with the whole family; we change cars; we enter into a relationship... We live to music, listening to or singing our favorite tunes get nostalgic about past or rush to new horizons, when we are sad or when we rejoice...

Let's remember at least five of those who gave us the best songs of their time for the last decade, while earning record amounts – let’s just be happy for our idols, and our hearts will get lighter!

  1. Dre, $950 million

The most significant achievement of the producer in the business: in 2014, Apple bought Beats for $3 billion, despite the fact that in the last decade, he was almost never on tour, and released only a single album.


  1. Taylor Swift, $825 million

As the highest-paid representative in the celebrity circle of the 2010s, she is a real star, collecting millions.

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  1. Beyoncé, $685 million

Having quickly mastered the solo performance, she was just a graduate of Destiny's Child at the beginning of the decade.


  1. U2, $675 million

Until today, 360° Tour, which the band went to, is one of the highest – grossing. This world tour took place in 2011, and was able to collect more than $700 million (taking into account inflation-more than $800 million)


  1. Diddy, $605 million

The actor, who is often changing his pseudonyms, has achieved a solid income thanks to a partnership with Diageo.


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