Three Steps to Happiness
As before, we want positive changes from the coming year.
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On the eve of the New Нear, the word “happiness” sounds everywhere. As before, we want positive changes from the coming year. And, as before, our “want” plays a significant role on the way to achieving business goals.

Sometimes by investing enormous funds in technology, it is not so easy for companies to overcome the dogmas of corporate culture. The problem is important and difficult. How can we find help in solving it? Let's turn to joy! It is joy that will help us, because it is in our nature to strive for this positive emotion that unites us.

Influence, harmony, and recognition – these are what defines the joy of a team work. These are the three steps that will lead us to happiness. Isn't it possible for a team leader to develop them?

1. Influence.

The influence of the team's shared joy on each “player” can hardly be overestimated. One has only to turn one's eyes to their faces, full of rejoicing, as they exchange warm embraces.


2. Harmony.

As in a sports team, in a business environment, everyone has their own role to play in achieving practical goals. Isn't it wonderful to combine these roles?


3. Recognition.

Trained by coaches, players in sports teams thank each other for their own personal contribution to the victory, because it was the members of their common team that created the opportunity to do this. The same in business: someone's contribution, coupled with mutual support will not fail in the pursuit of success.


So may the path to the happiness of your team will always be interesting, though often it is not so smooth, and sometimes even strewn with obstacles!



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