Biography of fairy-tale Santa
...where Santa Claus was born: either in Lapland, or at the North Pole.
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Once created character, Santa Claus, as if living with us in reality on Christmas days, today he is the hero of our story.

The mission of this man, who came out of North American and Western European folklore, is essential, although he is a fairy-tale character: this lovely old man gives gifts for Christmas.

What is the history and interesting facts of his long, even “virtual” life?

  1. There are ongoing disputes over the fact where Santa Claus was born: either in Lapland, or at the North Pole.
  2. Being the prototype of Santa, Saint Nicholas, became famous for charity.
  3. Originally, on the day of St. Nicholas, December 6, in Europe people gave gifts on behalf of Santa Claus.
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  4. During the reformation in many European countries, Santa was “replaced” with the infant Christ, switching giving gifts to December 24, the time when Christmas fairs are held.
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  5. The period of Counter-Reformation pleased with the “return” of Santa.
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  6. Santa “entered” North America with the help of Dutch colonists who founded the settlement that is now New York.
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  7. A huge influence on the modern image of Santa had the artist T. Nast and the poet K. Clark Moore.
  8. Later, the painter Haddon Sundblom created the most successful image of Santa, which occurred as part of a promotional campaign of Coca-Cola.
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  9. In the early twentieth century, the image of Santa as an elf could be seen in Puck magazine.
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  10. Nothing more than a sleigh drawn by reindeer is Santa's traditional transport.
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  11. Closer to the middle of the twentieth century, under the Command of NORAD they created the eponymous Christmas program NORAD Tracks Santa.
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    12. Horned Krampus is a satellite and "flip side of the coin" accompanied by Santa.
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    13. In recent years, films have been made about Santa Claus such as: Santa & Cie; Krampus; Saving Santa; Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale; Fred Claus.

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We do not exclude that you know some of the above facts, but why not to refresh your knowledge of the life of Santa, one of the kindest and most sympathetic, in our opinion, characters that came out of folklore?

 P.S. We have to admit: we forgot to mention Mrs. Claus or Mrs. Santa Claus, Santa's companion and wife. With her help housekeeping is a lot easier, and the management of elves (and other spirits) is more successful, and Christmas gifts are the most unusual!

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