Master class before Christmas
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Not only families that do not have the opportunity to buy Christmas toys have handmade toys.  Isn't it nice, admiring the Christmas tree, to see on it not only some brand toys, but also handmade toys, because they have so much warmth!

“Production” of handmade toys is tempting, instructive, creative, valuable! Why don’t we do it tonight with the whole family, after a light delicious dinner?

So, we learn together how to “construct” something unusual and cute for the Christmas tree from improvised means. We have chosen the simplest ways of “toy production”. Employees of our company shared some of them. Join us!

  1. Dragon eggs from the Game of Thrones

Cover the cardboard, in which we previously stuck the thumbtacks, with nail polish. The next day, add polystyrene foam to the decoration. Watch the order in the location of the thumbtacks: the previous row slightly covers the next one. At the end of the work, fix it with the tape loop.


  1. Snowmen

Put two foam balls in a white sock in this order: a big one at the bottom, and a small one at the top. Pulling the sock thread between the head and body, tie the ribbon on top, cutting its edges. Tying the thread over the top of the future toy, turn inside out the top of the sock. Wrap the head of a snowman with a piece of felt, getting this way a hat. Tie the top of the hat with ribbon, making a loop from the ends of this ribbon. Pins will serve as a nose and eyes for a snowman.


  1. Stars

Cutting out the star, glue the bead to each of the five tips. Fix the tip of the yarn, wrapping the star with it, so that there are no gaps, then tie the end of the thread with a loop.


  1. Christmas trees from buttons

Sort the buttons by color and size. Make a loop, throwing the end of the wire. Thread the buttons from smallest to largest. Dark buttons will serve as the tree trunk.


  1. Orange slices

Cut oranges into slices, bake them in the oven for two hours at a temperature of at least 100 degrees. Thread each slice and fix it, and so we get a pendant. Note that this edible toy is quite tasty.


You probably have your own techniques for making toys from childhood. Undoubtedly, they are associated with children's carelessness and sincere laughter. It is possible that our curious ideas motivate you to start making your own toys.

You can easily use our “recipes”, the main thing is to bring the pre-Christmas fun into the home. Wish you exciting creativity!

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