Let's Decorate The Christmas Tree!
We sincerely wish you positive emotions of the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays!
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Christmas and New Year, the most wonderful holidays are approaching! There is an active preparation almost all over the world: the streets take on a different appearance, becoming fabulously solemn; most people's spirits rise, there is a childish mischievous gleam in their eyes.

And even though we are adults, yet let's forget at least for a short time about our business and believe in the existence of Santa Claus. As we all live in different countries, we all have different Christmas and New Year traditions, but they are all original and interesting in their own way.

So, you are ready to make a short virtual tour of the world with us. Let's see how to decorate Christmas trees (or some other trees) in different countries.

  1. Japan.

Small trees appear before our eyes. What are they hung with? Look, the bell! And so many flashlights, you can even lose count! What lovely little dolls! And here are the fans and origami figures! Just like a reflection in a small magic mirror of the culture of the country!

In this beautiful country, they do not decorate a Christmas tree, but dwarf pine trees, because there are very few Christmas trees in this country!


  1. China.

The people of China mostly decorate trees with flowers that represent a symbol of love and wealth. They decorate trees with lanterns, garlands and fruits and other Chinese ornaments in the New Year. By the way, orange or mandarin trees are chosen for decorations.


  1. Mexico.

Gifts and various symbols of the Christian faith — this is what Mexicans decorate their Christmas trees and palm trees with.


  1. North America.

Americans are true to their tradition. They decorate the Christmas tree with something edible. It is symbolic that they buy a Christmas tree in November. They are looking forward to Christmas and New year, it's their favorite holiday! The most popular decoration is the well-known candy, “Lollipop” candy in the shape of the letter J.


  1. Finland.

Residents of Finland tend to buy artificial Christmas trees. It's customary in Finland to make decorations, themselves. The Christmas tree is decorated with paper snowflakes, which, in turn, glow along with many other decorations.


  1. Germany.

In this country, Christmas decorations abound in red and gold colors that dazzle and sparkle. Balls and candles — this is what prevails, as we have noticed, in the “attire” of Christmas trees in Germany.


  1. Africa.

It is remarkable that in hot Africa, trees are also decorated for Christmas. People there decorate palm trees or baobabs. As for decorations, they use various colorful ribbons.


We hope that this short tour has lifted your spirits. We think that if you have not yet had time to decorate your house, today you will start this pleasant mission.

We've already started decorating our office, anyway.

We sincerely wish you positive emotions of the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays!



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