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The calendar winter has come. Being ahead of schedule, it is not the first day when it decorates the earth with snow in many countries. The natural desire to get more warmth comes to us with winter. Food as a possible source of warmth is no exception.

Today, we shiver from cold at the sight of smoothies with ice or cold soup, which until recently were desired in our diet and involuntarily wrap ourselves with a blanket. We want something warm and nutritious. Is it possible to eat in winter what the body asks and at the same time not to get fat? As it turned out, it is quite possible.

  1. Soups

Hot vegetable soup… Isn’t it a godsend on a cold day, when leaving the house in the morning, carelessly not wearing gloves, you find it difficult to open the door with cold hands, returning home in the evening? This wonderfully warming vegetable soup which is not burdening the body with calories, indeed, can be the perfect soup. 

By the way, in autumn, I have already bought a new blender and became fond of cream soups. I make especially tasty soup with mushrooms and cream. Trying to diversify my menu, I also make soups with broccoli, pumpkin, carrots and all kinds of greens. And if you add a little olive oil to any of the vegetable soups, their taste will become even more exquisite.


  1. Meat and poultry

I don't know how things are with you, but my good mood is preserved by meat or poultry. I include them in my carb-free menu. In winter I especially like boiled calf meat, chicken, turkey and lamb ribs. And the meat broth will be so delicious (just beyond all expectations), if you cook it with the addition of celery, garlic, bay leaf, pepper and peas. I sometimes add one or two “clove” stars to this “bouquet”, which gives the dish a subtle, but very pleasant aroma with its unusual and unobtrusive taste.


  1. Spicy food

How do you feel about spices? Every time I add spices to dishes, I mentally travel to Mexico, Thailand or India. If in the summer I use spices in moderation (I just cannot exclude them at all), then in the winter I cannot imagine my meal without them. The dish may be the easiest, but with abundant use of the same pepper, ginger, mustard, cinnamon, warms just fine!

Now I use so many spices that none of my trip to the supermarket is not complete without buying at least one bag of cinnamon, or a box of cardamom, or star anise.

Are you confused by the spice? You should only try and you will definitely like it. I assure you. I use spices to set off the taste of coffee or tea or any garnish. Without spice for me everything seems bland just like for the most the dish without salt seems bland. By the way, I don’t use salt too much.


  1. Granola

I have recently discovered granola. Being a traditional snack in the United States, it became so lovely for me that with the onset of cold weather I have breakfast only with granola. Similar to muesli, it clearly leaves them behind because of its amazing taste. Once I read on the Internet that homemade granola is much tastier, I was convinced of this personally. There was nothing difficult to mix oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, honey, cinnamon, ginger and applesauce. But forty-minute baking in the oven is quite long. The bottom line is that this the “baking” is eaten quickly enough, which is not surprising.


  1. Hot chocolate

Oh! This fascinating aroma of chocolate! Gentle and thick, it not only warms and saturates with endorphins, but also has a beneficial effect on memory. You can indulge yourself once a week not just hot chocolate, but hot chocolate with whipped cream. I prefer to indulge in this bliss in my favorite coffee shop.

Here is my menu with individual characteristics. I give the “palm” to hot chocolate, as well as to spicy-spicy dishes. I would be very happy to have only them in my menu.

Nevertheless, the variety in the form of meat and poultry, granola and cream soups is not only a feast of receptors, but also is good for health.



As a snack in winter, I prefer apples most of all. Straw skin, flattened shape, dazzling white flesh, juiciness and unforgettable (not sour and not sweet) taste – my favorite paper ranetka apple! It is time for a snack. Maybe some apples?

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