5 facts about Elon Musk
And in 2019, Elon Musk donated 1 million dollars for planting new trees after wildfires.

I think that almost everyone has heard about this person at least once. This man is considered the Iron Man of our world. He is a genius, billionaire, philanthropist, but he does not save people in an iron suit, but on a much larger scale. He invests a lot of money in the development of future technologies, he himself helps to create them. But he was not born rich, and he decided to develop technology not just for fun. So, today you will learn 5 facts about him. Let's start!

1 – Rough childhood

His childhood clearly wasn't the brightest one. Yes, although he has Canadian roots, he was born and spent his childhood in South Africa. Elon Musk was an unsociable child, he loved reading and had a phenomenal memory. It's a great combination for a kid to be a punching bag. It is logical to assume that he was not popular at school, and he was bullied. He even had his nose broken at school. Then followed the divorce of his parents. He first lived with his mother and then moved to his father. There he had been helping him with the plumbing, laid brickwork. As a result, he was given his first computer at the age of 10, then he learned programming, and at the age of 12, he sold his first video game for $500. He subsequently improved his skills and then moved to Canada against his parents' wishes


2 – He isn’t the founder of PayPal

Many people think that the founder of the PayPal payment system is Elon Musk. But in fact, he is not, PayPal was created by an ordinary group of students. And in reality, it was like this: Elon Musk was one of the founders X.com, which merged with Confinity Corporation, which owned PayPal. Because of X.com and PayPal were essentially the same, it was decided to merge them, but it did not happen, because Elon Musk stood for X.com, not PayPal. But eventually, eBay bought PayPal, and Elon Musk got as much as $180 million.


3 – Lonely Space Car

Yes, you thought right. This man launched a Tesla car into space, not without the help of a Falcon Heavy carrier. It happened on February 6, and this car is still in space. Elon Musk was asked why it was necessary to send an electric car into space? This answer astonished everyone. He said “just for fun”. In general, his idea was that a man can travel through the expanses of space and that the cost of the rocket is embellished by NASA. One more funny thing —  this electric car in space was recognized as a full-fledged satellite. The US Military Department announced it on Twitter. The Military Department has the ability to observe the car using radars and a telescope. But not only Military Department of the US, but also, and we too can observe the car. You can do this by following the link: Wherisroadster.com.


4 – Elon Musk is a drug addict?

On September 7, Elon Musk came to the Studio of the American comic Joe Rogan. Everything was going well, they discussed future plans, Tesla, health. And then Elon Musk pulled out a rolled cigarette. First Joe Rogan asked if it was a cigar? Elon Musk replied that it was marijuana with tobacco, but he also noted that smoking marijuana does not give him any significant effect. As a result, a huge number of Internet memes were created, and Tesla shares fell by 10%. By the way, it is absolutely legal. In some States of America, marijuana is quite legal, so there was nothing illegal in the using of marijuana.


5 – Big man with marijuana? What are you without that? Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.

In addition to all his achievements, Elon Musk donated a huge amount of money. He has his own charity, the Musk Foundation, which in 2015 donated 10 million dollars to the Future of Humanity Institute, which explores the control of artificial intelligence (AI).  In 2018, Elon Musk sent 4 of his high-class engineers on an operation to rescue children from the flooded Tham Luang cave, he also sent a mini-submarine to help, but the rescuers refused to use it, saying that it was unsuitable, and this is just a publicity stunt. And in 2019, Elon Musk donated 1 million dollars for planting new trees after wildfires.






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