Top 5 Benefits of Learning a New Language
Learning a new language opens up new possibilities.
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Learning a new language often takes a lot of time. Someone is learning a foreign language to immigrate abroad; someone wants to reach career heights at work, and someone just wants to find love beyond the oceans. Learning a foreign language at any age has a positive effect on our brains. Let's look at the advantages of learning a new language.

Improving brain health

Learning a foreign language reduces the risk of increasing Alzheimer's disease. Canadian scientists conducted research in which older people suffering from this disease took part. The result of this research was very impressive: for those who speak two languages (i.e., for bilinguals), this disease manifested itself on average 5 years later than for the rest.

Thomas Buck, after conducting research, wanted to verify this fact again and repeated this procedure. For this time, the scientist ruled out factors that could have an impact on the development of the disease, such as educational level and immigration status. For more accurate objectivity of this study, Buck decided to conduct it together with Suvarnaya Alladi, a professor of neurology in India. 650 people took part in this study. The results of the scientists were almost identical: bilinguals from both countries showed signs of dementia later than their peers, who spoke only their own language all their life.


Travel Opportunities

Learning a new language opens up new possibilities. If you decide to learn one of such popular languages as Spanish, French or German, you can travel almost anywhere, and you don’t even have to use a translator.

You can safely go abroad on business and chat with locals or other travelers. You can get a lot of useful experience from the effectiveness of communicating with people of different cultures, who are able to change your mind, presenting everyday things from a different perspective.


Attention Improvement

When learning a new language, it is almost impossible to constantly be distracted by other things. To fully understand the meaning of a word and grammar, you need to always stay focused. So, you understand that even the slightest distraction during the study can ruin your progress made in the last minutes. This unpleasant feeling will force you to turn off the mobile phone and other irritants.


Listening skills

This wonderful skill will be needed always and everywhere. The ability to listen to a person without interruption gives a great advantage (Carnegie devoted an entire chapter to this issue in his book). When you just start learning a new language, you have no choice but to listen carefully to the speaker, try to understand the meaning of the words spoken and catch his accent.


Professional perspective

Studying opens up new career opportunities. You can significantly increase your income, which will give you a guarantee of financial well-being in the future. You will become a valuable employee of the organization or a diplomat and, possibly, occupy a high post. Once your efforts have paid off, you will feel many benefits associated with learning a new language, and you will gain new confidence.



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