“If you get all tangled up, just tango on.” — Al Pacino.

Passionate Argentine tango has long conquered the whole world. A dance of dialogue, improvisation, character, and mood, a dance of passion and expression.

Do you ever wonder why tango is so fascinating? Why does it cause a lot of emotions? What do all countries of the dance art world find in them? Where does this surge of feelings come from, why do all countries of the world dance tango for a whole century? Each adherent of this dance art will be able to find their answers to the questions posed. Argentine tango is considered the most mysterious dance ever.

Its history comes back to the nineteenth century, while its popularity spread only after a few decades. The word “Tango” comes from the language of the Nigerian tribes of Ibibio and is translated as “dancing to the drums”.

How the sultry dance started so is and perhaps will always be a mystery, but there are some facts everyone can agree on - this dance took South America by storm and became one of the world’s most famous dance style.

“If you get all tangled up, just tango on.” — Al Pacino.

Male dance

Initially, tango was purely male dance in the lowest strata of Argentinian society, at that time the population of Buenos Aires was almost 90 percent male. In order to show their strength, dexterity, they organized “Fights” to the music. It was particularly important to seize the initiative in the dance. The one who prevailed and began to “lead” another one wins.


Mystery of passion

During the dance, it is not customary to talk, look into each other’s eyes and smile. An invitation to dance voiced aloud may also be considered as an insult.


World heritage

The blossom of tango started in the 30s when it got the status of national dance in Argentina. Carlos Gardel played an important role in its raising, and he is considered as the father of dance. In 2009, UNESCO included tango in the world's cultural heritage of mankind.


Etiquette of tango

Each dance is unique and presents its requirements for partners. In many cases, contact is needed, especially in tango. If you are interested in how to dance the tango, then be prepared for some difficulties. Tango is a sensual dance that requires full understanding and sensuality between partners. Partners must feel and understand each other at first sight and word.


Unforgettable tango scenes

The most beautiful scene is the tango of Al Pacino and Gabriella Anwar in the film “The smell of a Woman” She danced the tango with Al Pacino, whose character was blind.


“Shall we dance” – a tango between student and teacher.

There is another scene without romantic connotations. However, it is the beauty of it; it portrays the pleasure of dancing for the sake of dancing, which can be even more enjoyable than dancing with a loved one. The adrenaline rush of dancing with great partner is an incredibly wonderful feeling showed in the film.


Types of Argentine Tango

Today there are many dance forms and styles of tango, including Argentinean tango, Uruguayan tango, ballroom tango (American and international style), Finnish tango and ancient tango.


Tango continues to evolve and at present, thanks to songs, cinema, literature, everyone knows this word. It's associated with famous musicians, artists and sometimes with sport dancing. However, not everyone knows that true tango is a social dance and therefore accessible to everyone. Each person, regardless of age, height, absence of a partner, can easily learn to enjoy, improve and express himself.





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Dec 31, 1969
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