Women are often considered as delicate creatures and are incapable to handle work pressure. They get multiple encounters with fickle-minded people who always try to reduce their elf-esteem.

Here are a few things working women are sick of hearing.

Easy-peasy promotion

People say that women get promotion effortlessly. All they would have done to get that promotion was to be sassy and nice to their boss. Women like every other person in the world, work hard to reach their objectives.


Appearance only matters

A few men always got this hypercritical attitude, and they presume that women's appearance would bag those projects, sales or clients, etc. But they often fail to remember that women are equally talented as them.


Covetous colleagues

Colleagues at work may criticize working mothers as impetuous for leaving their family behind. They assume that these women only fret about their career and nothing else. In reality, working mothers are trying to share responsibilities both at work and at home. They have got a lot on their plate to deal with.


Unqualified to travel

Yet again, women are being asked to quit or find another job, sometimes they might be shifted to a different department stating they can't afford to travel. Married women are especially called unfit for such traveling roles. Organizations prefer men to women for such streamlines. The fact is that women do have things to look after at home, that doesn't make them travel-challenged.


Too bossy

Well, most of the employees say this, women bosses are the worst to deal with. People keep complaining about their female manager's attitude and allocating style. Some say they are being loud. But they are actually not, they are being simply discrete. Women and men are different in many ways, managing pattern would differ too. Never compare them. Everyone has their own way of getting things done.


Fragile to make decisions

Their decision-making power might be questioned too. When your male colleague decides on something, people immediately show their approval. Whereas a woman's decision will be considered frail. But why? Should they take decisions with their mental ability or physical strength? Learn to respect their decisions too.


Learn to respect every woman like your mother. “Behind every successful woman is herself”.

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Dec 31, 1969
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