Hitler’s Secret Projects
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Adolf Hitler, known as the founder of the Nazi party in Germany, Reich Chancellor of Germany, politician, speaker, and leader of the total dictatorship of the Third Reich, decided to raise the German economy by seizing new lands and destroying nations. According to Nazi ideology, the survival of any race depends on the ability to reproduce and spread, increase the number of new lands for life support and for the prosperity of the growing population. In this regard, he said that only one race should be left on earth - the "Aryan".

Hitler claimed that the German "Aryan race" was threatened by intermarriage between Aryan Germans and members of the lower races (Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, and Africans). They have to be completely destroyed. He was prepared thoroughly to fight his enemies. New projects were constantly reviewed and approved, many of which were marked "secret". Only after the end of the Second World War, it was possible to reveal all of Hitler's projects, which we will present to you today.

Sun Gun

The first largest-scale project is called "Solar cannon". This gun was a giant mirror, which could burn and destroy any territory on Earth with the help of sunlight, and no doubts that it could destroy buildings and people. It was Hermann Oberth, a historian, who came up with this unique idea. He remembered the legend of Archimedes, who used mirrors to burn an entire fleet of enemy ships. He was a scientist, who supported the political views of Hitler, and he proposed to install a concave mirror with a diameter of 100 meters in the orbit of the Earth. He believed that such a mirror would be able to gather and reflect solar radiation. Fortunately, we were not able to witness this unique event, because Germany lost the war and the scientists had to serve their sentences.

 солнечная пушка


There was a clearly structured hierarchy among the scientists of the Third Reich: one group of scientists was engaged in the development of military equipment, another group was engaged in medicine, they experimented on people who were held in a concentration camp, the third group of scientists was engaged in large-scale projects.

"Military" scientists have created several killing machines, one of which was called "Monster". The huge tank, weighing 1.5 thousand tons, had a length of about 40 meters, accommodating several common tanks. The "monster" was controlled by a crew consisting of 100 people. But his enormous size had become a disadvantage instead of a virtue. It became a good target for aviation. The first "Monster" quickly failed because of the weight and clumsiness. It could not accelerate more than 15 km per hour. So this project had to be suspended.



Do you know that German scientists were the first to come up with a military transport aircraft - "Giant”? It can be said that the scientists of the Third Reich suffered from gigantomania. This is the first largest and heaviest aircraft created with excellent modifications at the time. It was the Germans who came up with the idea to equip a military aircraft with a wide fuselage, front cargo hatch and cargo cabin. They also put such a heavy aircraft on the chassis, but not just a chassis -  a multi-wheeled chassis. After the war, all countries decided to put the chassis. It used to land on skis. These chassis can withstand the immense pressures. It could place11 tons of cargo and 130 soldiers. It was also equipped with new absorbers, which acted on the method of railway buffer. It was a breakthrough in military technology around the world at the time. The gigants made more than 1,200 flights to Tunisia and 2,000 to the Eastern front, but only one was shot down.


“Schwerer Gustav”

Another monster, but now it is a railway monster. That weapon terrified everyone just with just one look. Schwerer Gustav had a 50 meters length, and it could shoot from a distance to 50 km with its powerful projectiles, each of which weighted 7 tons. This weapon could penetrate even concrete. This gun was used in the battle of Sevastopol. To prevent the fire from above, Schwerer Gustav was guarded by 400 soldiers. They also put up smoke screens. More than 48 projectiles were fired in Sevastopol and about 30 in Warsaw. After losing the war, this monster was sent to be melted down.


Retribution Weapon 2

This name was given to V-2 rocket by Hitler’s military engineers. They created that rocket for space exploration. Work on this missile was conducted since 1930. But it was too early for an atmospheric test. And just in 1942, they started to launch this weapon. After many launches, it began to be used for military purposes. But the rocket has not yet been able to get the right height and engineers decided to attack only UK with that rockets. In 1944, 4,300 V-2 missiles were fired at London and other cities. Only a year later in July 1943, the Polish partisans found an information about location of the V-2 missile base and sent the data to the British. Not long after that base was destroyed.

 ракета гитлера


According to Hitler's policy, it was necessary to clear the earth of "inhumans". Only the chosen ones, only the true Aryans, should live on earth. In addition to the fact that many enemy soldiers were killed during the war, Hitler established concentration camps in various cities. In the beginning, they were created for people who did not share his political views in Germany. But then there were people who denigrated the Aryan race: communists, junkies, homosexuals and mentally ill residents of Germany and Austria. This camp located in the city of Dachau. The camp was opened in 1933, at first only Germans were transferred there, but in 1935 Jews were transferred there, who also did not share Hitler's political views. Since 1939, after the beginning of the war, such camps have become more and more. Jews, Russians, Poles, gypsies, and others were placed in them. Doctors began to conduct experiments on the prisoners of the concentration camp to identify super-humans. They poured people with ice water to find out what levels of temperature a person can withstand. They injected them with lethal viruses on purpose, cut off the limbs of different people and sewed on other people and so on. All this was done only in order to create super-human who will survive in any condition, resist various diseases and will have a brain developed by 100 percent. They performed autopsies on a living person, trying to find their mistakes. They did not achieve their goal, but they killed a huge number of people.

 сверх люди

From the above, we can only conclude that the Third Reich did not have enough time to realize all their projects and plans to seize the world. Most of its weapons needed more time for practical use. Of course, all of them are aimed at destruction and to bring only a fear. It's even hard to imagine how this could have turned out for all of us. We could only be slaves to his sophisticated mind. But the unity of all countries helped to get rid of such a psychopath-politician. It is better to use science for peaceful purposes and provide people with resources that could be used to help them.






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