The Shortest Stories Ever Written
Asya Mammadova
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Most famous writers as O. Henry, Hemingway, Frederic Braun plunged into short stories genre. A very interesting genre of literature, the high road for the writer and the ability to convey the whole meaning and depth of the work in several sentences, the ability to arouse feelings and convey emotions. These short stories also should meet the criteria of a more voluminous type of work, such as introduction, climax, and denouement. Here are some interesting stories:


“The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.”  — Fredric Brown, Knock.


“The driver lit a cigarette and bent over the gas tank to see if there was much gasoline left. The dead man was twenty-three years old.” – O. Henry


Alan E. Mayer “Bad luck”

I awoke to searing pain all over my body. I opened my eyes and saw a nurse standing by my bed.

“Mr. Fujima,” she said. “You were lucky to have survived the bombing of Hiroshima two days ago. But you’re safe now here in this hospital.”

Weakly, I asked, “Where am I?”

“Nagasaki,” she said.


Brian Newell “What the Devil Wanted”

The two boys stood watching Satan walk away, the power of his hypnotic eyes still in their minds.

“Geez, what’d he want from you?”

“My soul. How ’bout you?”

“A quarter to call home.”

“Oh. Wanna go get something to eat?”

“Yeah, but I can’t. Now I’m out of money.”

“No problem. I’ve got plenty.”


Dan Andrews “Distressed”

They say evil wears no face. Indeed, there was no emotion on his face. No flicker of empathy as he inflicted still more pain. Couldn’t he see the terror in my eyes or the panic on my face? He calmly, even professionally, continued his dirty work, and then glibly spoke: “Rinse, please.”


Robert Tompkins “The Search”

Finally, in this remote village, his quest ended.

There, by the fire, sat Truth.

Never had he seen an older, uglier woman.

“Are you truth?”

The wizened, wrinkled hag nodded.

“What message can I take from you to the world?” he pleaded.

She replied, spitting into the fire, “Tell them I am young and beautiful.”


Tina Milburn “Moment of decision”

She could almost hear the prison door clanging shut.

Freedom would be gone forever, control of her own destiny gone, never to return.

Wild thoughts of flight flashed through her mind. But she knew there was no escape.

She turned to the groom with a smile and repeated the words, “I do.”


Jane Orvis “The Window”

Since his Rita’s brutal murder, Carter sits at the window.

No television, reading, correspondence. His life is whatever passes outside those curtains.

He doesn’t care to leave the room, or know what furnishes meals, pays bills. His world is joggers, changing seasons, passing cars, Rita’s ghost.

Carter doesn’t realize padded cells don’t have windows.


I hope you enjoyed the stories. And we can finish on this. Here is what one elderly Frenchwoman wrote in her biography:

“I used to have a smooth face and a wrinkled skirt, but now it's the other way around.”


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