10 Tips on how to impress at an interview

The job market out in the world is a tumultuous place, and the whole game is played mostly on first impressions. Your academics and experience get you the interview but how you pass it and get the job is based solely on how you handle yourself at the interview and the impression you make on your interviewer. And this could be advantageous or disadvantageous to us since not all of us operate at the same frequency, and we never know what our interviewer is expecting from us. So here are a few tips that will guarantee a good impression, giving you the desired time to prove your actual worth.


- The Handshake – this is a key aspect of the interview since the first gesture of greeting is this handshake. Never shake a hand sitting down, and make sure you don’t give it a weak and sweaty shake either. Make sure your hand is dry, and give one or two strong pumps form the elbow, which will exude confidence and stamina. The handshake is a vital part of the interview.


- The outlook – the first interview is usually a screening interview so you meet with the HR personnel before you meet with the actual team. So make sure you don’t give out a casual demeanor, but rather go for a professional and serious outlook. Convince yourself that this is your one and only chance at getting a job, and behave in that same way.


- Practice Makes Perfect – Go for as many dud interviews as you can. If you’re called for a position that doesn’t interest you, go for the interview anyway. This is a great way to practice your skills and increase your confidence levels at talking, so you can be a pro by the time the perfect job comes calling.


- Know your employer – It’s vital to be able to know key aspects of the company such as who the CEO is and what they do in the market. There is plenty of data on the web. Do your research before you go so you can impress your employer with your knowledge and also show initiative to understanding the company before going on the interview.


- Be enthusiastic – This is your first meeting with your potential employer, so you want to show them that you are keen on getting the position. If you have a negative or backward persona, you won’t get a second look, so be friendly and passionate. Speak with direct eye contact and make sure you are selling the best version of yourself.


- Ask questions – don’t be afraid to ask questions, in fact, be prepared with some key questions about your position such as what are the key challenges faced in this position previously, or what would be expected of you within the first 90 days, or if there are any details that need to be cleared with you in order for you to be the top candidate.


- Converse out of the box – or in other words be interesting. Instead of giving the same generic answers, try to think out of the box and tell a story or anecdote instead. People often remember the ones who were interesting. This might be your make or break attribute.


- Strike a chord – if there are many candidates competing for the job, it’s important to do or say something that makes you memorable above the rest. Give them some personal detail of yours or mention something interesting about yourself such as you compete for a global competition or you have the talent to play guitar.


- Draw the line – Knowing where to draw the line in your conversation is also important. For example, don’t say negative things about your previous employer or colleagues. Don’t discuss money and benefits in the first interview. If you fit the description, they will offer you their proposition to which you can bargain at the right time.


- Ask for the Job – not many people know how important it is to communicate to your employer on if they want the job or not, so somewhere in the discussion, ask for the job. Tell them it’s your passion and you want to have a place working for the organization. This will give the employer the satisfaction that you have a desire to work and not just a need.


One important aspect to remember is that you yourself are a brand. So how you sell yourself to the employer is vital in your landing the job you need. While 40% will depend on your qualifications and experience, the lions share will depend on how you portray yourself at the interview.




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Dec 31, 1969
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