5 of the world’s best employers
Research the companies you apply for to see which one caters to your needs and go for it.
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When we finish college and set out into the adult world looking for appropriate employment, our goal is always tor each for the stars, and by stars we mean we want to work under one of the best employers around. Not only does that position come with status and recognition, but most importantly the perks are equally essential. If you are to spend the next few years working in this organization, making or breaking your career, you want to make sure you made the right choice. While there are so many good companies to work with, here are a few that are considered the world’s best employers.


Google – Google happens to be a long time favorite and continues to grow as one of the finest and most employee friendly places to work in. the perks you get by working there outnumber the ones you will get at any other place. Firstly, google offers its employees the opportunity to spend 20% of their time working on projects that are close to the individual’s heart. Secondly, by working at google, you will have all your personal needs met. They offer transportation, laundry service, day care facilities, swimming pool, gym, salon, car wash, restaurants with different types of cuisine, and more. They also have branches in many global locations. The reason they give so much prominence to keeping the employee satisfied is because they find that if all the employees needs are met, there is no room for distraction, and so they can get the required quality output as a benefit. Google also offers its employees the option of purchasing shares as well. Working at google sounds like a dream job to me.


Hilton – with branches in over 15 countries, the Brand name Hilton is not one that is anonymous. Hilton focuses on the 360 of its employees by following through with a program called [email protected] which focuses on mind, body and soul. They have introduced programs that help you with reducing stress, improving sleep, helping you to think out of the box and thrive on innovation. They also have another program called Thrive Sabbatical which gives the opportunity for 10 team members each year to go on a 4-week Sabbatical, with their salaries and benefits, along with an additional USD 5,000 in order to pursue a community project or follow through with a personal dream. Aside from the other personal benefits they offer, the younger workforce gets a chance to gain quality experience that will help them in their careers journey.

 2 hilton

Mars Inc – A manufacturing and production company in the United States of America, Mars Inc has a very open culture for its employees. Pets are allowed and a family oriented culture is cultivated. It’s an open desk policy with no restricted work times or people micro managing to check if the work is done on time. It’s a family owned business who are very pet friendly. They work on principals based out of love and trust. With tentacles reaching out to over 19 countries, it happens to be one of the best places to work in if you have a love for animals.

 3 Mars

Alphabet Inc. – Alphabet Inc is a computer software company, and much like google, offers its employees a range of benefits such as Great Health Insurance, on site health care and wellness, Education subsidies and tuition reimbursements, gourmet cafeterias, Nap pods, Salons, Dry cleaners etc. It’s very similar to google since it became the parent company to google, and also manages other such organizations such as Calico, DeepMind, GV, CapitalG, X, Google Fiber, Jigsaw, Makani, Sidewalk Labs, Verily, Waymo, Wing and Loon.

 4 alphabet

Japan Exchange Group – Offering very flexible working hours and an open culture, Japan Exchange Group is a favorite among all its employees since they offer strong training and development programs, up to 2700 USD for each employee to pursue a qualification of kind, and they have 100% return of female employees after maternity leave, since they offer child care services and other benefits, making it more meaningful for the employee.

 5 jpx

While these are big names in the industry, many smaller firms and startups also offer a range of benefits to its employees since the corporate world is shifting into a more casual dynamic to cater to the millennial generation. All you need to do is look for the right fit. Research the companies you apply for to see which one caters to your needs and go for it. Make sure you get the maximum out of what is offered to you so you can thrive in your corporate journey.







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