7 signs you’re indulging in too much sugar
Get healthy before it’s too late.
Jessica Daniel
Author Jessica Daniel Nov 4, 2019 About Life

Sugar, a word you generally have a love-hate relationship with. While some people have a natural sweet tooth for sweet indulgences, some prefer to take a step back and not have so much sugar, but most of the time, most of us do let ourselves indulge in that little of extra sugar in our lives. If you go out into the streets, all you will see in the periodic form is bakeries advertising mouthwatering baked goodies dripping with sugary icing, chocolate or sprinkles. One of my favorite desserts happens to be a cake by the name of “Death by Chocolate”, how true this name might be or how close we come to this actually happening to us is something to watch out for, however. Here are 7 signs, that you can watch out for, to make sure that very thing doesn’t happen to you.


Having long-lasting, or recurring cold or flu-like symptoms

Excessive consumption of sugar has known to weaken the immune system, and due to this, any virus that is making its rounds around the vicinity would definitely make its way to you, since you don’t have a supportive immune system to fight off these germs. So if you feel like you have been sick for an eternity, maybe you need to go get your blood sugar levels checked just in case.


Feeling anxious or depressed for no reason

What we are largely aware of is how sugar can damage our bodies physically making us fat, diabetic and more, but what we don’t realize is that it also affects us psychologically as well. Sugar addicts are known to go through depression, anxiety, social withdrawal, sadness, lethargy and other psychological issues such as nervousness, continuous apprehension and a feeling that something and is about to happen. 


Serious dental issues

Ever since we were little, our parents have been known to keep nagging us about how eating too many sweets will ruin our teeth. This is proven to be true since sugar has a way of finding tiny spaces in our mouth and cause the tooth enamel to rot. This is why sometimes we find white spots in our teeth. Sodas and sugary drinks can be attributed to these damages.


Sweet Cravings

The more you consume sweet sugary treats, the more it becomes an addiction of sorts, and after a significant amount of time, you start to feel as though everywhere you go and everywhere you look, you see sweets, want sweets and have severe cravings to eat them. So if you are a sweets addict, it may be time to take a step back and go through sugar withdrawal.


Frequent tiredness

Generally, immediately after eating sweets, you go through a sugar rush, which is why we refrain from giving small children sweets in the night, since you get an energy boost and go slightly hyper, however in us adults and with those overly dependent on sugar, there is a quick descent to the aftermath which is a severe feeling of low energy and tiredness. If you find yourself constantly feeling this way, it's time to cut down on the carbs and sugar treats.


Skin and feet issues

Sugar can cause inflammation, which is why if you are suffering from skin issues such as pimples and acne, or have excessively dark circles under your eyes, or suffer from conditions such as eczema, or in general have an overly dry, or overly oily skin condition, it could be due to your sweet tooth. Some people have known to have their skin conditions improve significantly at the halt of sugar intake.


Serious health issues

There are a number of diseases linked to excessive sugar intake, but the serious ones may not even trigger you to look in that direction. Diabetes is the most obvious disease linked with sugar, but the not so obvious ones are heart disease, high blood pressure, and in some cases cancer as well.


If you face even a couple of the above symptoms, maybe it’s time to evaluate your life and make some changes. Many fruits and vegetables have natural sweetness in them, and once you get rid of all the temptations for sweet drinks and baked goodies, your taste buds will open up to experiencing some healthy sweet treats. Get healthy before it’s too late.









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