5 Myths about Aging
Let us not forget the fact that aging is a process in our life cycle and no one can avoid it.
Shravani Kotapati
Author Shravani Kotapati Oct 30, 2019 About Life

“Age is just a number” is such an amazing and alluring statement. We often feel good when people misjudge our age. Is aging such a pathetic process to worry about? 

Experts say, “Life is not a slow descent from the heights of youth to the valley of death. It turns out to be that the shape of arc has become slightly inverted like U”. While many don't want to grow old and a few cherish their age and experiences, here are the most famous 5 myths about aging. 


1. Creativity is a magic that can only be handled by young people.   

Perhaps people believe a lot in this myth, and they do add something else to it, that's productivity. Being productive and creative will never depend on the individual's age completely. A productive person would remain the same as long as he/she is alive. Your physical appearance would never define your intelligence. Young minds indeed have a broader perspective about technology, but that doesn't rule out old people from any competition. 


2. Aging makes less adaptable

This is something we should consider understanding from an individual perspective. A few people may welcome changes and enjoy themselves getting adjusted to it. Whereas a few may be more apprehensive. But that doesn't make them any unwavering old man or woman. Remember, they would have seen more life and challenges than young minds. 

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3. Aging makes people lonely and depressed

Well, that's not true. Even if it is true to some extent, we know who is to blame here. The older generation was bound by true friendships and memories. But we are bound by technology. Usually, depression can be diagnosed. And it isn't any characteristic trait to define a generation. Old people do have active social lives. They do create a happy environment and enjoy parties. They plan an important role in many engagements. Being happy will not eventually become being cranky. 


4. Aging will not allow us to learn new things

This statement cannot be generalized again. No evidence says, learning ability has been disabled or slowed down in all old generation people. Some people learn new things at such age and perform more accurately than the younger ones.


5. Aging increases dependency

The reality of this is not pessimistic. While muscle volume and strength can gradually decline with aging, particularly beyond the age of 70, these changes can be slowed or even prevented with regular physical activity. Furthermore, despite such changes, most otherwise healthy seniors live without frailty and can remain independent.


Let us not forget the fact that aging is a process in our life cycle and no one can avoid it. Like we cherish our childhood, teenage and young age, we need to enjoy our old age too. Don't say it as older years, instead read it as “Golden years” of your life cycle.





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