4 Secrets of Alice in Wonderland
It’s not a secret, that the author liked to make up not only the characters but also the words.

    “Everything’s got a moral if only you can find it.” The Duchess, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Before we drop you into a fantastic world, where Alice is waiting for you with White rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts and many other creatures, we would like to let you know the back story of such a masterpiece.

This beloved by children, and to be frank, not only by them, the novel was written by author Lewis Carroll (the actual name - Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) and published on 26th of November, in 1865. As all best ideas come when people least expect them, so was there. First, the idea came when Carroll went rowing up the River Thames with 3 young daughters of the Dean of Christ Church in Oxford (the author studied and held a fellowship there) and it’s not a surprising fact that one of the girls’ names was Alice. The story was first told to the girls just 3 years before the novel was published, in 1862, and the original handwritten collection of poems and riddles was called “Alice’s Adventures Under Ground”. With the regard to the story itself, shortly, it is actually about a dream of the main heroine, Alice, where she passes through many absurd physical changes related to sizes and meets lots of exciting adventures with unreal bizarre creatures.

And with no doubts, one of the world’s most influential novel has relevant facts, and here are some of them:

 1. You all are under the spell, even if you haven’t read or watched it

The secret is that Carroll was a skillful marketer. One example is that he had a talent to beautifully decorate the products with the illustrations of his creatures directly working with manufacturers and spreading the products worldwide. That’s the reason it’s so popular today, even for those who haven’t read the book or watched the film adaptations


 2. Sad reality

Alice-in-Wonderland syndrome is also a rare disorientating neurological condition that causes episodes of distorted perception of body size, also associated with migraines, brain tumors, and drugs. The second name of it is Todd’s Syndrome. There is some evidence of Lewis Carroll’s suffering from migraines and once experiencing this syndrome.

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 3. The real “Do-Do”

The bird story in the book is actually an allusion to the boat trip on the River Thames, the one that he was inspired from and Carroll is the Dodo (taken from his real name Charles Dodgson.) As one story goes, the author tended to stammer, introducing himself as “Do-do-dogson.” That was also an obstacle for him becoming a priest and devoting himself to the fields of mathematics and writing.


 4. A strange hobby

It’s not a secret, that the author liked to make up not only the characters but also the words. The well-known by readers examples are 'chortle' and 'galumph', and created by him the term 'portmanteau word', which is when you mix two different words to create a new meaning (such as the word 'smog' from 'smoke' and 'fog'). 


And finally, take our suggestion if you are going to make a new film or illustrated adaptation of the book: stop making Alice blonde… Real Alice, the actual girl, who was taken as a prototype of the main heroine, was a brunette, not blonde as she is shown everywhere.






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Dec 31, 1969
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