Bizarre methods of folk medicine
According to statistics, the residents of China spend the least hours on sleep.
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Surely everyone has heard what traditional medicine is. Now it is often called pseudoscience. All healers and witchdoctors in one voice argue that modern medicine is not able to cure many diseases.  Medicines in the form of tablets or capsules completely stuffed with chemistry only destroy the human body, unlike mushrooms and herbs collected on a special day and at a certain phase of the moon. But today I want to tell you not only about simple tips on how to cure the disease with the help of improvised means, but also to talk about unusual and even dangerous methods of treatment.

Ear Candling.

The easiest in our list of treatments for diseases associated with the ear, it is a tube with wax. If your ear hurts badly, then you need to warm up the wax, prepared in advance, a piece of cloth, a rolled-up tube and a lighter. After all preparations are completed, it is necessary to put a tube of material into a sore ear and pour warm wax. After that, you should set fire to the end of the material that remains on the outside. As soon as the flame begins to get too close to the ear, quickly remove the remaining material from it. If you have a good reaction, then your chances of staying alive increase, but there is no guarantee that your ear will function much better.


Cognac from parasites.

And here is an excellent way to get rid of parasites. You have to go to bed early, at 11 p.m., and wake up at 4 a.m. when the body is resting. Drink 40 grams of good cognac, and after about 5 minutes take a tablespoon of castor oil. Following these tips, in the morning you will feel alleviation, since intoxicated parasites will glide on the walls of the intestine and will be forced to leave your body.


Money to restore memory.

If you notice that your memory began to fail you, lend a large amount of money in debt. Soon you will notice how often you think of the debtor. If you repeat this procedure with multiple debtors at the same time, the memory recovery process will go even faster. And even the reaction will get better, in the course of waiting for a phone call about the repayment of the debt.


Tincture for a sick heart.

Worms have been used since ancient times to get rid of various diseases. For example, even in ancient China, it was known that, if you had eye problems, you need to wash the freshly-excavated worms and fill them with sugar. After three days, the juice will appear, and they need to drip in the eyes. But for the heart, you need to make a tincture. Mix the worms with goose fat and melted lard of wild boar, add a little alcohol and wine vinegar. Keep in a dark place for 40 days and take a tablespoon on an empty stomach. It is not known whether the remedy for the heart helped, but it can help as an emetic today.


Snakes to the rescue.

In Israel, the temperature in the summer reaches 40 degrees in the shade. In such a hot climate, there are many poisonous snakes. A resident of this country decided to grow non-poisonous snakes on her farm and help people with their assist. She holds a massage with snakes. It is believed that after 10 such sessions, where snakes will crawl on the naked areas of your body, you can cure many diseases, including depression and neurosis.


Beauty mask from Japan.

In Japan, they sell a mask whose miraculous properties are impossible to believe. After just two applications, the skin on the face becomes white, cleanses, removes wrinkles. It does not cost very much, around $20, so they are quickly bought up by local residents. But the most interesting is the main ingredient of the mask. It is made on the basis of nightingale litter. To date, the Japanese have learned to sterilize nightingale litter and prepare face cream from it, the price of which reaches $400.


Chinese Wall.

According to statistics, the residents of China spend the least hours on sleep. These people are ready to work 18 or 19 hours a day and it is natural that with such a load, the body is overstrained, as a result of which, headaches and high blood pressure appear. Since ancient times, they have had an amazing way to get rid of high blood pressure and spasm of the brain. You need to get up and rest your head against the wall for a couple of minutes a day. You don’t even notice how the headaches go away, but, carefully, there may be bumps.

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Hand of the dead.

And here is a recipe from France during the Middle Ages. If you have a wart on your body, you need to rotate the hands of a dead person three times clockwise circle. If it does not help immediately, repeat the procedure three times. The main condition is that 40 days have not passed since the day of death. You will not bat an eyelid, when warts disappear.

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