Each company is doing its bit in helping out communities and in turn the world.

Entrepreneurship is no longer a taboo word or difficult concept to accept and process. Today, many of us are proud entrepreneurs, from a tiny home business, to a fully-fledged corporate setup, startup companies are now popping up everywhere, and in some small or large way, all of us are sticking ourselves out to get a taste of it, and to an extent it has been successful. Some statistics of startup businesses and their failure rates are given below:

Of all small businesses started in 2014:

- 80 per cent made it to the second year (2015);

- 70 per cent made it to the third year (2016);

- 62 per cent made it to the fourth year (2017);

- 56 per cent made it to the fifth year (2018).

Despite the success / failure rates, many businesses have also thrived, and mostly due to their innovative outlets and business ethics. Given below are five of the most interesting ones I have come across.


1. Frubana

Frubana is a startup company launched in 2018 that helps restaurants to purchase fresh and new products in real-time from farmers around the area, all via a one-stop app, available at the restaurateur’s fingertips. The ease with which the whole coordination happens for the restaurateur is a big benefit, especially for him to see the availability of produce, check the quality, and be able to order his whole list simply by clicking a few buttons on his phone. It also retains pricing transparency, eliminates the middleman and offers logistical services as well. These features are the differentiators of Frubana against all others in the field. Available in Columbia, I won’t be surprised if they branch out to other countries as well, since the concept is definitely worthy of consideration.


2. Higia

 Higia was founded in Mexico City and has invented a device that is called EVA, that can sense abnormal temperatures relating to tumor growth.it is designed as a wearable device that can be inserted as a bra cup.

An incredible feat, since early detection is prevention and prevention is better than cure. Though still not out in the market, they are calling out for presales Campaign inquiries. Breast cancer is a common disease faced by both men and women, and to be able to detect it at an early stage in itself is a terrific benefit to all humankind. It is one startup that is after my own heart, and if it hits off, I hope it will come out as an affordable device that can be distributed globally.


3. Homework Answers

An absolutely fabulous app for all ages. Homework Answers is literally just that. It’s an app that will help you to complete your homework by giving you tutoring services. It connects students with coaches and the option of even taking a picture of their problem and submitting it for on the spot help. Once they sign up, they are given a certain number of questions that they can ask for free, and they have the option of buying more chances to ask questions if needed. If you have kids at home, maybe this is something you should try out. All the links are below.


4. Panthrise

A San Francisco company that links potential job seekers with Executives from companies such as Google and Facebook, where they can get free advice and tips on how to enhance their career and their chances of landing a good job. This service is free until they find a job, after-which a certain % is charged from the applicants 1st-year salary. According to their statistics, almost all applicants have settled down in jobs within 3 months.


5. WeRecover

This may be my most favorite out of all the above since it matches addicts with rehab centers in and around their areas. Based out of Santa Monica, California, they offer a listing of a range of services that each center offers, hence giving people an idea of their options and cost for choosing these centers. This is a wonderful idea, and if this could have a global reach, it would not be in vain. What a wonderful opportunity to help people.


Out of the many startups out there, I’m rooting for these five to sustain throughout the years. Each company is doing its bit in helping out communities and in turn the world. If you are thinking of using your talents to introduce a startup, think about the services you can offer to your local communities through it. It’s a guarantee that the universe will make sure you succeed.








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