As you can see, the expectations are for a digital transformation to take over the world, and it’s not something we are new to.

In the movies, the end of the world is always predicted to take place as either a natural disaster we cannot run away from, an apocalypse, or an invasion by artificial intelligence. While most of this could be scratched off as an overly active imagination, some of them are not so far away from the truth. Artificial intelligence is advancing at lightning speed, and we are moving into a digital era where AI and software run most of our lives and a terminator type situation doesn’t feel like such a pipe dream any longer, however some changes can be predicted with some level of certainty basing on the direction we are going on. Here are 5 changes we can expect to take place within this century.

5 - The inability to lie

Today the world is run by apps, social media, and GPS. Recently there was a controversy on an aging app, with the implication that by analyzing faces, it is collecting data for other purposes using face recognition technology. What if this technology was further developed to identify facial changes that could implicate you if you lie? It’s already being implemented in certain police stations. What about someone who goes to the bar, and texts his boss saying he is at a meeting. With GPS technology, his whereabouts can be easily identified. How about a stranger at a club who starts talking to you? Doing a background check via Facebook or Instagram is simply a click away. By the time you’re on your 2nd drink you have already figured out if he is actually who he says he is. Very soon technology will reach a level where lying will no longer be an option.


4 - Increase in Virtual Reality Technology

VR has seen a steady increase in popularity among gamers, and now it is expanding to other avenues as well. The future will hold many VR experiences including hotel amenities and rooming exploration, carnivals, meetings, housing, car purchasing, events, art gallery exploration to name a few. By using VR technology, not only can you get a similar experience to the real thing, but also from the comfort of close-by venues, you are able to travel globally to experience things you wouldn’t normally be able to without investing a lot of money. The future will see many popular tourist attractions as well converted into VR, making it a convenient option for many who have time limitations, children and responsibilities, and funding limitations.


3 - Digitally driven shipping

Freight forwarding and shipping companies will opt for complete automation of all systems including booking, tracking, and communication. Freight forwarding companies that don’t shift to the digital transformative track will go out of business. The corporations to corner the automotive segments will have the benefits of cornering market segments in the field, as well as control the ports and vessel movements.


2 - Software integrated construction

Construction companies will also move into the digital age and be fully software integrated, where projects will hold a real-time exchange of information, augmented and virtual reality will play a big role in giving the customer a pre-experience to what is in store for him, and for him to decide if it is value for money. Construction companies have always run with civil engineers, but the workforce will now change to hold more software engineers. In addition, a green concept will be the focus, and many will go for this option.


1 - Digital and Resource wars

For the longest time, wars were territoriality based, but the future will see digital and resource-based wars. Global warming and shortages in oil and water will be the basis, while technology-driven cyber wars will replace guns and bombs. In a way, this will be a more dangerous art of war and the collateral damage to economies and individuals will be massive.


As you can see, the expectations are for a digital transformation to take over the world, and it’s not something we are new to. Every one of us has already started transforming ourselves in our workplaces, homes, and communities to adapt to this behavior and trend. Therefore, an artificial intelligence-driven world will not be out of reach very soon. So, some parts of the movies we have been watching may not be so far-fetched. 






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Dec 31, 1969
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