These are just a few life hacks and tips. Use them to make your life a bit easier.

No matter how fast the world is spinning, or how hectic our lives are, some things are worth knowing, just because it makes us slightly wiser, or slightly better versions of ourselves. You can never know enough when it comes to information. Here are a few facts that will give you somewhat of a better substance to how much you really know about life.

1. If you accidentally close a tab, you can retrieve it by typing CTRL + SHIFT + T.


2. If you want to tell a believable lie, add an embarrassing detail to it. No one will doubt a story that has you coming out as the dumb one, and no one usually tells stories of themselves in a dumb light.


3. Place a mirror behind you, if you work in customer support. People will be less likely to throw a tantrum, if they can see themselves staring back at them in that light.


4. If you want to eat less, use the same principle. You are less likely to eat more, if you can see yourself eating.


5. ‘I.E.’ is used when you need to clarify something. E.G. is used when you want to provide examples.


6. If you want to make sure no one steals money from your ATM card, label a note stating “Pin Number” in your wallet with 3 fake Pin Number. After the 3rd one, the ATM will with-hold your card, and save your money.


7. If you’re a person who has problems remembering what you need to form the grocery, take a picture of the contents of your fridge. It will solve the problem.


8. Cover the head of your vacuum cleaner with a stocking to be able to get tiny items saved, like earrings.


9. If you want to fry perfect pancakes, use a ketchup bottle to hold the pancake mix.


10. If you want to cross a word out, instead of scribbling over it, write random letters over it. It will become illegible.


11. Take pictures of business cards people give you, to avoid losing contact even if you lose the card.


12. Keep a bar of soap with your dirty laundry while traveling to keep it smelling nice.


13. Drop a battery onto a table. If it bounces once and stops, it’s a good battery. Any more than that and it’s on its way out.


14. If you squint your eyes while taking a picture, your smile will look more genuine.


15. If you add baking soda when boiling eggs, the shell will come off very easily.


These are just a few life hacks and tips. Use them to make your life a bit easier. I hope this has retained its entertaining premise with you as much as it has with me.

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Dec 31, 1969
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