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We have a lot of good news for you.
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Dear participants of DB Advisors website,

We have a lot of good news for you.

Firstly, as you may have noticed, we have completely changed the design of our website. The design has become easier, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, it has become more convenient. Now our website is divided into 4 sections: DB Advisors, DB Games, DB Sprint, DB PRO.

Secondly, yesterday, on October 1, DB Advisors celebrated its Birthday. We celebrated 4th anniversary! We, our modest team, celebrated this day with the presentation of the new design and a small tea party. We would like to thank you, dear participants, for being with us all this time. We wouldn't have any of this without your active participation and contribution.

A big surprise was the second cake, kindly presented to us by our participants. Thank you for your attention. We were very pleased.


Thirdly, we have modified our classic debates (Classic, Everest, Supreme). Now they are: Things I LoveSocial Interaction and Life Style. You can find these debates in the PRO section of our website. The changes also include the distribution of topics that will be connected to one of the three types of debates.

According to our database, the last active package will expire on October 17th. All data of our users (coefficients, payout data) will be saved up to the 17th. Payments will be made on time. Soon we will inform you about the plans for paid packages and how we are going to develop this section further. In order not to miss the updates, please follow the news and be patient.

Meanwhile, make yourselves at home on our website, examine it and you will discover a lot of new things.


See you soon,


DB Advisors Team.

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