A Boon or A Bane
Privacy is dead, and social media holds the smoking gun.

 Note: Please note that this article is to make everyone aware of how precious their personal life is. No damage intended towards anyone or any site. 

 Is Social Networking a boon or bane? Well, you ll know what could it be after reading my personal experience and learning.


Today, I feel like unfolding my thoughts about social networking. The word social networking drives me crazy. I haven't seen a single person irrespective of their age without a social media account. I know my boundaries and I'm absolutely no one to comment about others' lives. Here I’m only trying to generalize the issue. I hope you’ll understand my outlook and relate a few scenes from your life too.

Social networking is good to some extent. This part of the world is completely conflicting. Here you don't have to personally meet people to share your professional or personal life stories & issues. To add on to what I mentioned earlier, this bizarre world requires NO passport, NO VISA, NO boarding pass or NO ticket to travel across the world. 

You just have to type whatever comes to your mind, post it online and...BOOOOM ...! Everyone who is connected to you online will be able to peep into your life immediately, yes, in a matter of a few seconds. Not only spying but also they get the right to like, share & even hit comments about your life, which belongs ONLY to you.


Have you ever seen someone stalking your family, friends or neighbours just because of the amount of personal information you notify online, I surmise that you would have never thought from that perspective? I understand that completely because I was also like the rest until a few months ago. 


We human beings have a peculiar habit of learning only from our sins, not before that. I did learn my lesson eleven months ago. We were a batch of six girls who post everything online 24/7. We used to check-in our locations, our activities and literally everything. One of my best friends had received a friend request online once. Obviously being girls, we do not accept such requests from strangers that quickly, unless we find them enthralling. That’s what we did. 


Later we started receiving messages from that person, romantic poems and our pictures. He started with sharing our dress colours, favourite hangouts and slowly he went to describe our ideal partner details and crazy girly stuff. Though everything was so freakish, we still didn’t block him. My friend had finally fallen into his trap and accepted his request. That was just the beginning.


Being pea-brained, we have never thought about who that guy was and how did he get all our information. We just took him for granted as a silly stalker of our beautiful friend. Their friendship had slowly become a magnificent and alluring love story. We sometimes even felt envious for the kind of attention she used to get. 

Later, one fine day, one of our other friends had received a multimedia message on her mobile phone. That was her picture while changing her dress. We were in dismay and started distrusting each other. Then another girl got it, another and another. All of us had received our exclusive private pictures of bathing and changeovers. The only exception was the girl who was in love. Therefore, our suspicion grew only towards her. 

When we cornered her and started mocking, her mobile phone started vibrating. This time it was her nude picture. We were in all chaos and started looking for any equipment or camera that can be found in our bedroom. That's when we found not one but three pen cameras perfectly placed in the bathroom and bedrooms. Her flawless boyfriend had called all of us and started threatening us. What else would he demand? Ransom amount and a promise to go to his room whenever he calls. 

Fortunate we were, I had a friend who was a cop, narrated our trauma to him. He then tracked our stalker and got every copy deleted. We had to sit and listen to his lecture later because of our extremely foolish doings. Thank God, he was our friend who could pull us all from that pit. 


Now we know why can't we post everything online and what kind of problems we may face because of the information available on our accounts. Yes, as much as you all hate to admit it, the fact remains the same. Your life is only yours. Do not post everything online for the sake of others. Not everyone in the world likes being upright to others. It simply looks like “I’m here, stalk me”.

Just like my experience, the information you post can be accessed by a million people and you never know what will come back to you and how. Someone might use your details to torment or cause personal level issues to your friends and your pictures can be misused, your whereabouts can be tracked. How safe it is to make others know that you are alone, having a cup of tea peacefully at your home around 10 pm? When you know the answer, this can be read by the entire world. I don't like to get into any sort of nonsense that'll pester me for my entire life. 


I wouldn't fiddle with anyone and why would I accept when someone does. Would you always like someone to bail you out from the mess

! It is making sense now, right!?

I'm not against any social networking site. In addition, I'm not pointing at one either. It is good to keep in touch with your friends and well-wishers. However, it isn't safe to put everything online and agonize later. Social media sites provide privacy settings to ensure our safety. You can change your privacy settings and get your profile secured. That step would filter and stop many strangers. Still, if someone could manage to reach you, then you know whether to accept a stranger into your life or not. Make sure you share everything consciously.


Being online to chat with your friends is good.

Your life being online to be accessed and controlled by the world is harrowing.


Stay connected and stay safe! To the beautiful world where everyone deserves a personal space! 

Quotation extracted from Siliviapancak.com

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