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The site has taught me a lot, and I am immensely grateful for that.
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  1. Tell us a little about yourself.

Hello, dear administration and participants of DB Advisors project.

My name is Marina Fursiy, I am 29 years old and I live in Batumi, Georgia. I am an engineer-economist, but I have never had to work in my specialty, only partially. I love reading, especially science fiction, and I'm also fond of heavy music.


  1. How did you know about DB Advisors and how long have you been with us?

I learned about DB Advisors from advertising on Facebook. I'm on the site since March 2016 and I can safely call myself a "veteran" of this project. I was interested in the possibility of passing the survey, although I did not hope for a reward. I was pleasantly surprised when I first received the prize!


  1. Share 5 secrets of your success

I can share 6 secrets:








  1. Did you take part in this tournament or in others? Or was it your first attempt?

I participated in almost all the tournaments on the website and have become either the winner or the prize-winner. This is my second win in the UAC tournament.


  1. Do you advise your friends to pay attention to our project or tell your family members about it?

Of course I do. I tell about the benefits of the project using my own example. But still there are those who just do not want to believe. My family members also take part in the project.


  1. How often do you visit our site and how much time do you usually spend on it?

I visit your site every day, there’s just no other way. I watch the updates to be always up to date with the latest information.


  1. Before you discovered our site, were you aware of the "emotional intelligence" concept?

Honestly, I've never even heard of such a thing. The site has taught me a lot, and I am immensely grateful for that.


  1. Will you have any suggestions for the newcomers and your colleagues?

I would like to tell newcomers not to give up the project if something does not work. It was hard for me at first, too, until I got into it. I wish success to all my colleagues!


  1. Do you read our articles and which articles do you prefer to read?

Yes, I like to read articles. Especially fiction stories. It is very nice to know that so many talented people work on the site.


  1. Do you have any suggestions for improving our tournaments? Can you tell about them?

If I was asked this question when the UAC tournament just started, I would suggest removing the average coefficients. But after understanding a little of how to get closer to the average coefficient, I realized that nothing needs to be changed, everything is as it should be. Regarding the Emotion Game tournament, I cannot say anything since I have not participated in it yet. But I'm surely going to do that!


  1. Do you participate in other tournaments (Yes/no)? Which ones? Why?

As I said, I will definitely take part in the Emotion Game!


  1. What is your mission on our website?

Developing and helping others to develop.


  1. What do you want to achieve in 5 years?

Perhaps the highest stage of emotional intelligence…


  1. What are you guided by or what tactics do you use when answering the questions?

I constantly analyze the answers of the participants and try to see the change of opinions. In order to get closer to the average ranking, sometimes you need to choose unpopular answers. And for this you need to predict the popular answer…


  1. Which of the participants do you admire or respect as a worthy opponent? Why?

I cannot specifically name certain participants, because all of them are worthy opponents. And I wish them all further success!

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