To write means to spread the magic of literature
The art of writing has become an excellent survival mechanism.
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Tell us about yourself. Where do you live? What is your professional activity, hobbies? 

My name is Nathalyn Eliana Arango Arias, known as "Mariposa Cósmica". I live in Bogota, Colombia, and I often travel. I am a comprehensive artist who is in love with the beautiful craft of creation, so I am fully committed to different types of art.

I am currently a member of the GuaDual Dueto Artístico project, where, in addition to being able to write songs, practice playing musical instruments and singing, I have the opportunity to spread the magic of literature. In addition, I publish my stories, poems, essays and reviews on a weekly basis, in every sections of my literary blog (

I love to perform, draw and dance! I rejoice, embodying my ideas born from the feelings of the soul in colors and forms.


How did you know about the contest?

I was checking my social media and came across an ad for a contest. As soon as I had time, I signed up and sent my story.


Did you have a finished story or you wrote specifically for the site?

I wrote the story a couple of days before I found out about the contest, and after looking at the requirements and seeing that the story matched them, I immediately applied.


How long did it take you to work on the story?

It took several hours to write the story, although I started to create it in my mind much earlier.


Who or what is the source of your inspiration?

My direct inspiration was the beautiful pine tree I first saw as a child in my aunt's house.

In general, I immerse in the stories related to social reflection and deep feelings. I know very well that whoever makes my creative expression possible is the greatest of artists, given that I understand that inspiration can be hidden anywhere.


Weren’t you afraid of the big competition?

Of course! But I accepted it calmly, leaving everything to the will of the Lord.


How did you assess your chances to win?

To be honest, I was very nervous thinking about it, so I preferred to just wait for the results.


Where does such a love for literature come from?

I have always had a great need to express and convey the whole series of material and non-material events that occur in my life. The art of writing has become an excellent survival mechanism.


What do you write about most often?

I usually devote myself to writing poetry, although I also enjoy writing short stories, essays, etc. I also like to touch on non-traditional topics or encourage readers to think and participate actively.


What can you advise aspiring writers and those who are just going to become a writer?

  1. The biggest incentive to write is to read. Therefore, I recommend authors to constantly feed themselves with new works, as well as topics that are important to them, such as politics, society, culture, other art, etc.
  2. It is vital to always have the tools you need to write as soon as ideas come to your mind.
  3. Finally, although the use of technical means in all artistic manifestations is mandatory, the most important thing in creating it is clarity and true liberation of the spirit.

Coherence between the world we see and the one we want to build must always be the foundation that justifies the sensitive resources used in the creation of any art work.

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