Culture talks about you
Motivation comes from where you came from.

Culture is defined as the art and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement if regarded collectively. It is not a symbol of an individual, instead, it represents the whole community of people having a similar lifestyle. India is a secular country and has four major religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai. We have cultural diversity irrespective of unity in India.


Though culture relates to a group of people, an individual is capable of representing the whole culture. His/Her action, nature, or behavior will show the mirror of his/her community or society. People have a habit of judging another person based on their culture or nature. We should think of our family, society, and pride in our culture before doing anything exceptional. The turban of your family is always with you regardless of the fact whether you are doing good or bad. Culture means a habit, behavior, nature, tradition which is followed by a group of people.


Following are some cultural features:


  1. Language: - We speak a different language in our daily life but the accent differs which talks about you and your culture.


  1. Costumes: - We wear various types of dresses daily according to the profile, situation or occasion. This also confines our cultural sense of dressing.


  1. Color: - In India there is a various community which has different colors. Each color represents special culture.


  1. Tradition: - Every religion has its traditions which they follow on a special occasion. This also represents the culture of that person.


  1. Occupation: - In older times people used to follow their parental occupation which will be followed by his son as well. This is also used to represent one’s culture.


Now we all are living in the 21st century where lots of things have changed regarding culture. People were well smart enough to judge people based on their skills and personality, not based on color and religion. We all should pledge "not to discriminate people based on color and cast".

People should do whatever they want to, but they should never forget where they came from.

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Dec 31, 1969
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