I am tired to live
Being polite, we keep a lot of negative emotions inside.

We spend most of our life scheduled, predicted and not so interesting to watch. We are not in action movie: CEO is tired to take decisions, mother of two kids felt like in the cell, young women are tired to hear “no” for a job. However, sometimes we need fresh air to breathe and so unpredictable moments in our life.


Get lost.

Don’t forget to take GPS with you and map! That’s a great way to rest and do not think where you’re going. Focus your brain on the beauty of nature and the thought “how damn good this world is”. Just go forward and do not think about where. Trust your feelings and listen to yourself. We get used to crowds and lost ourselves living in those big cities.


Where to go? It can be any place in your city, the forest outside of the city or a big park in your city or any other city you’re traveling to. It’d be better if the place won’t be crowded otherwise it will be harder to relax.



Even if you want to cry, smile. Do it often and you will see how bright your life becomes. Our physiology and psychology are integral. Whenever you smile, there’s a signal to our brain that we are happy. It is a nice way to trick your brains from time to time and be happy no matter what.


Plant a flower.

Well, it can be not a flower even, plant anything green but something fast-growing so that you could see the process and notice changes. Sometimes our inner tiredness just needs unity with nature.


We are a nature creation, but we do live in rock jungles, in big cities with no nature environment. Let yourself do it at least at home on your balcony and be happy seeing your plant growing.


Buy happiness.

Some people would say it is impossible. I do not agree. A cute mouse or bird isn’t it happiness? Dog or cat you love and getting love back is probably something you need. Pet brings a coziness to your home. They are cute and make you laugh sometimes.


However, think about responsibility and that you are attached to your pet for a few or more years depending on the pet.


Forget about censure.

Being polite, we keep a lot of negative emotions inside. Sometimes we can’t be polite at work and it is not right to be impolite with family. However, there’s a nice way to go to a quiet place and scream and say everything out loud. Your negative will be gone and you will feel much better.


Sometimes we felt trapped, and we get that thought “I am tired to live”. In case you are in this situation try those simple tricks. And if that doesn’t help, it is better to consult with a specialist.

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Dec 31, 1969
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