Great Movies About Great People
The movies that are worth time spent.

If you don't know what movie to watch this evening here is my personal list of great movies about great people.


My Week with Marilyn

Icon of the previous century. Sexy, talented, amazing Marilyn. The movie has few mistakes and of course, we would never know how was the reality. However, it is an enjoyable movie and honestly after watching this movie I was inspired enough to watch a few more original movies with the unforgettable Marilyn.


Nowhere Boy

Great movie about the childhood of amazing John Lennon. It is about the most important period of life for every person, his search of his own I and for that, it is important to know your parents. A definitely great picture, actors and divine music. For sure the movie is worth time spent.


Elvis: The Early Years

From the modest beginning to the deafening success. Three hours with the great master, his music and his drama. It is not a movie for everyone, but in my personal point of view it deserves attention.


Bohemian Rhapsody

If you haven't seen this movie, it is obligatory to watch it! The great music is only a little part of why you should do that. Great actors, great picture and amazing story of a guy who dreams big and shares his talent with the world. Too sad we will never know what else he could do in the world of music. Inspiring movie for everyone!


Surviving Picasso

Amazingly talented Antony Hopkins is one but not the least reason to watch this movie. Picasso is probably the most valuable artist of the last century. Canvas, ceramics, oil, and metal everything was subservient to the great master. Definitely not a movie of few last years. It was shot in 1996, but it is still amazing to watch in 2019. Talented screenwriters, great actors, and the story of the most talented artists of his time.

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Dec 31, 1969
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