Striving to Survive
I managed to accomplish my task although it took a lot of energy from me.

Survival is the ultimate common factor where all of us connect together. We all have different aspirations and inspirations we look up to, but at the end of all that we look like we strive to survive. This is the bitter truth none can change or redo.

Technology has evolved and developed to a greater extent and so have the expectations of our living standards and requirements. The need for speed in our real life plays a very important and also a very drastic role. I say drastic because sometimes, even if you like it or not, it really won’t matter since you have to do it if you want to keep up to that speed.

It’s disgusting at times when you see how one person can stab you on the back for their own benefit, for something extra, for something which they could boast about and make you feel inferior. Being number one or being the winner has blindfolded many. We actually live in a world where winners and number one holders are more valued than actual human values, regardless the winner’s cheats and weaknesses he/she is always kept in limelight. These winners, too, strive to survive in this challenging world but not through the long run. Shortcuts are bumpy and sometimes you do get lost and when you do a flashback replay will show you the path you should have chosen.

What I wanted to express in my short article in here is self-challenge to reach success in a guaranteed way. Don’t push or pull anyone down to end your sufferings. Follow on honesty, respect and support and let these qualities overflow from you and help you to strive to survive in better ways. The ways that will make your tired, exhausted soul, mind and body give a pure genuine smile. “I managed to accomplish my task although it took a lot of energy from me. I am happy I did it the right way”

I say these lines to my own self when I get overwhelmed with work-related stress only to make myself aware that I am the best I can be by following true and sincere means of living. Striving to survive and striving to help others to lift themselves, too.

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Dec 31, 1969
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