Saving Nature
You can help too!

We do know that volunteers all over the world try to save our planet. They clean forests, beaches, and care about animals and birds. However, you can help them too!

Most of you are aware that it is important to go shopping with your own bag and not to buy a plastic one. In addition, many coffee shops are ready to sell a coffee in their reusable tumbler instead of paper or plastic for one-time use. However, you can do more. Let’s see how:

Save water.

Well, it doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking water or drink less. No! However, you can take a quick shower in the evening instead of taking a relaxing bath every night. Also, switch off water during the brush teeth.

A dishwasher would save a lot. Usually washing machine is using 6,5 liters while you would use 49 liters. Keep your eye on the sanitary equipment: a leak or dripping faucet can cost up to 20 liters per day.

Do not ignore hotel instructions about towels. Hilton hotels saved 1000 olympic size pools of water for not changing towels daily but on request only.


Did you know that TV, laptops and other gadgets are using energy even in a sleeping mode? Well, German scientists counted that only in Germany all those gadgets per week consume energy equal to 2 energy stations for the same time. So, do not forget to switch off your TV!

By the way, most of the switchers in socket do keep using energy too. Average of about 5kW per hour. So, do check if you took your phone charger out of the socket.

Use energy-saving bulbs and lamps.

Do not save money on the home appliance. An old refrigerator will need much more energy than a modern energy-effective one. Try to buy appliance marked with “A++” which is a more energy effective technique.

A washing machine is effective, however, to make it more valuable wash pair of jeans on express mode and use full mode only for big amount of clothes.


Yes, you can save the forest at home too. Just don’t print pages you don’t need, use electronic bills instead of paper ones. Also, we all like to get nicely wrapped gifts, however, instead of rip it, carefully take it and use next time.

Well, now you know how to keep saving the Earth, hope you find at least a few points and will follow them for the best.

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Dec 31, 1969
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