The Importance of Vacation
Vacation is needed not only in professional life, but also need in academic life.

Robot or any technological devices can work without any break, but human cannot. Human needs break, otherwise their brain will stop working. Taking holidays is beneficial for physical and psychological health. On the other hand, our life is too short. If a person works constantly, it will not make them happy. Though working is important, being happy is also crucial. So, vacation is important for making a person happy in life.


Everyday work makes people like a machine. They are exhausted after working a long time without any leave. This time they need a holiday to enjoy nature and make quality time with their family and friends which will give them a fresh mind and brain and they can go back to work with new energy. For example, the stress level of any professionals who work regularly is so high that they get angry very easily and cannot think about new things and do not want to accept new changes. They need time and space for creative thinking. A vacation can give them space and time to reduce their stress.


Vacations are fun and give life satisfaction. Sometimes people feel guilty to take leave or holiday from work, and they think only work is their responsibility. But the thing is that after working for a long time their productivity and wellbeing become less which is not good for their future. So, they need a regular vacation to enjoy their own life which ultimately improves their work productivity and stress management.


Vacation is needed not only in professional life, but also need in academic life. It is very important for a student to learn new things. If students study for a long time, the brain will not work properly and they cannot learn new things again and again. For learning continuously, they need to take break and visit nature which will give them fresh air and fresh mood.  

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Dec 31, 1969
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