Managing your money
Be a wise person, not a foolish spender.

When we were young and irresponsible, money coming into our hands seemed to disappear almost as soon as it arrived. We earned money to spend it. On the day of the salary, we lived like kings, and a few days down the line we become paupers again. Money was an instrument with which we bought clothes, shoes, and entertainment. Saving never even entered our head. Most of us lived with our parents and so food and lodging were taken care of, and we lived with not a care in the world and not a penny in our savings.


Then somewhere down the line, you meet a girl, start courting her and suddenly you need money for dates and flowers and chocolates. Impressing girls becomes the new priority, and we all liked to look smart and rich and able to afford good things. This is when the yearning for a vehicle of your own comes to play. You want to be able to give your lady. Ride in your chariot, so she feels like a queen, your queen.


So our money is spent on a car and fuel and dates.


Then you meet “The One” and now you’re getting ready for a wedding, and my goodness the expenses keep piling up. There are receptions and wedding gowns and suits, and bands and photographers to pay. Expenses have now skyrocketed to an unbelievable level. You borrow money from banks to compensate and finally start the beautiful journey as two separate individuals, but laden with debt.


Next comes the need for a home, you have children, and they come with a separate set of major expenses. There are schooling, medicine, clothes, parties, colleges and so much more to spend on aside from the mounds of debt you are still paying off.


Until finally your kids move out, and you finally have room to breathe and time for yourself but no money because you started your life with no capital and had to spend your life paying off things you could have settled when you were young and had the strength to work.


And this is why you have to manage your money from day 1, start saving for the future so that yours doesn’t turn out bleak as many people’s. Be a wise person, not a foolish spender. SAVE!

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Dec 31, 1969
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