A Right Now Problem
Shouldn’t we at least try to pay it back?

Why is it important to save nature and care about the planet?


We always have to save and care about our planet. “Pay attention to the planet”, “Prevent ecological disaster”, we hear it pretty often in news, TV, magazines and so on. Mostly such news has terrible pictures of animals, however, we don’t get enough explanation.


“Only 30 leopards of specific kind left!” Ok, so what? Maybe it will be even safer for people there to live without leopards.


“85% of black caviar is illegal”. Why should we care about fish? There’re so many in the ocean.


“Temperature of the world oceans are raised for 1 degree”. Is that bad to swim in warmer water?


Nevertheless, “saving planet” is a direct interest of every human being. Not further generation, not a future human being. It is a right now problem!


Here are a few reasons to start caring about our planet:



Most of our food comes from nature. We got 100 million tons of seafood every year. There’re 38 million people working in that industry.



Ecotourism in Africa, for example, gives the same amount of money as farming and fishing together. Australia got $6 milliard every year on barriers reef. Recovery of the upper part of Mississippi helped the USA to save $16 million from the possible flood.



Don’t miss that point because you don’t use traditional medicine. You would be surprised to know that modern medicine got a lot from nature too. We use 50 000 – 70 000 types of herbs. Over 80% of the population on the planet use them.


Life conditions.

Everything is related to nature. Forest cutting leading to animal destruction. We all forget about it and ruin the perfect balance in nature.


Nature gives a lot to people, according to IUCN (International Union for Conversation of Nature and Natural Resources) we get products for $33 trillion from nature. Shouldn’t we at least try to pay it back?


If you want to know how you can help to save our planet I will make an article about it tomorrow.

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Dec 31, 1969
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