Stop interrupting yourself!
By trying to overcompensate and finish everything in one go we lose out on managing our time wisely.

Many of us in the workforce, unknowingly to ourselves, sabotage our own climb up the growth ladder by making simple mistakes. Even the most focused of us can’t keep running the same pace at all times, and when this happens, we tend to interrupt ourselves without our knowledge and damage our own selves. It’s so second nature to us that we never even realize that we are actually doing these minor gimmicks and though it is small scale in the beginning, eventually it snowballs into our own failure.


So I thought I would list down a few of these villains so maybe we can learn to identify them and stop it before it becomes a habit. It’s a basic understanding that if you do anything consecutively for 21 days, it eventually becomes a habit. This is not one of the times you would want that to happen. None of us ever want to be failures in what we do. We all have a sense of ambition and our careers are very important to us.


I believe the main one is something we would all be familiar with, and that’s social media and its long tentacles that get into our subconscious that you start to automatically scrolling your social media pages every time you get a few seconds off. You don’t realize how addicting this is until you’ve spent a good 15 minutes mindlessly scrolling down a page. You won’t ever get back in life that 15 minutes. Learn to be conscious of how long you waste time and leave social media at home.


The next issue we unknowingly comply to is overlooking simple solutions and looking for the Big Blowout plan to achieve things. Often we miss completing tasks in much simpler ways simply because we haven’t opened our minds to look for the small solution.


Finally, we need to learn to prioritize and realize we don’t need to do everything. We don’t need to address every single mail received, and some tasks can be left for the next day. By trying to overcompensate and finish everything in one go we lose out on managing our time wisely.


If we look through a microscope at our habits, we can find many more ways we jeopardize ourselves. Simple changes go a long way. Whatever you do, think twice and do it wisely.


Stop interrupting yourself!

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Dec 31, 1969
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