A Positive Illusion
We do not have the control over the how, when and where love starts to express itself.

Imagine you’re in a crowd at a concert, you see a person you are instantly attracted to. It feels unexplainable, maybe you cannot even stop thinking about that person. What are you thinking? Is it “Love at first sight”? But, love at first sight! Is it really possible? Do people really meet and in times simply they are loved by someone? Definitely it’s very difficult to explain. The existence of it varies from a man to a man. Falling in love at first sight is one of those things you either believe in or don’t.

Love is the first emotion that we experience, regardless of what your definition of love is. Simply saying, love is an intense feeling of deep affection. It is one of the most profound emotions we experience as humans. It’s bigger than us, meaning though, we can invite it into our lives, we do not have the control over the how, when and where love starts to express itself. Probably that’s why 72% people believe in love at first sight.

Scientists believe that love at first sight can exist for a certain person. But they also think that staying in love is a deeper challenge. Even though some people don’t believe it. They think love is not the same as science! It is love and it has no concepts! Actually it's not love at first sight, it’s “attraction at first sight”! See, at first time if you like something, you may get attracted with that thing, it may change after knowing the person briefly. You only can love someone after spending some time with him. Love takes time, love means you like the person physically and also you can tolerate not only positivity of the person, but also his negativity. Love is not a concept of first sight, but it’s always blind.

Whatever, true and deep love may not happen yet when you first meet someone, but you may create the memory of falling in love later in your relationship. Love at first sight may actually be a “positive illusion”.  It has nothing to do with good looks, has it? Then you would fall in love every time you walked down the street and saw good-looking people. By the time you would have fallen in love multiple times. You may not believe in love at first click, but you must believe in that click. It can be absolutely magical!

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Dec 31, 1969
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