Jobs of The Future
The need in such profession is well-explained as there's always a risk of hurting people.

Who could imagine having a profession of ice delivery, alarm clock or administrator of video rental shop? With the progress they are not needed anymore. However, the progress brings new professions and here they are.


VR industry.

VR is gaining popularity and to make it more realistic companies will need talented designers to create a new VR world - realistic and comfortable. Along with that there will be work for guides and managers in VR world.


Advocates for robot ethics.

Those people will be moderators between AI and humans. Such kind of lawyers will develop ethics standards for artificial intelligence and collaborate with society. The need in such profession is well-explained as there's always a risk of hurting people by robots.


Space industry.

Together with VR, space is getting popularity too. By 2030 some companies are planning to popularize the space tourism, what means the industry will need guides there, managers and engineers.


Ecosystem engineers.

The planet resources are depleted. In next 10-20 years the problem will grow and for recovery of ecology we will need engineers.


Alternative energy developers.

Together with ecosystems we will need to get energy and more luckily, we will find a way to use a natural way without environmental pollution. However, we need talented developers for that.


Cyber janitor.

Under this name will be a person who takes care of security on the Internet. We all use Internet a lot: make a lot of registrations with our personal data. Some might use it not for the good. So, cyber janitors will keep an eye on that and prevent such situations.


That's not a full list, however, IT and biology industries would be most needed in next 10-15 years or maybe even earlier!

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Dec 31, 1969
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