How confident are you?
If you aren’t confident about yourself, how are you going to win the confidence of someone else?

Confidence is having faith or trust on someone. That someone can also be you. So, basically, you are self-confident when you trust yourself or have faith on yourself.


Confidence plays a vital role in life. If you have a good confidence level you will eventually develop good soft skills.  You can't influence someone and leave a mark, if you aren’t confident about the things you are doing or talking about. To convince someone you first have to be confident from within.


Let's take an example.


You are someone who is looking for a job. A company calls you for an interview of a job. They ask you random stuffs which you are completely unaware about. In fact, the interviewers already know that any interviewee would barely know the answers of such questions. In fact, they ask such questions because they want to test your confidence level.


Any company wants to hire someone who assures them that they have the self-confidence to do any work that would benefit their company. If you aren’t confident about yourself, how are you going to win the confidence of someone else?


So, no matter what you do confidence matters a lot. Whether you are approaching someone you really like or getting a job or even running a business, if you aren’t confident about the thing you are doing nothing is going to work for you the way you want.


Sometimes, your confidence level is so high that you end up being over confident. You just don't calculate the situations in the right manner. You overestimate yourself. This can ditch you. So, surplus of confidence which is over confidence is very bad. You must understand the thin line between confidence and over confidence.


Now, the final question comes here.


How confident are you?


You can test your confidence level by asking yourself these following questions:


  • Do you feel nervous when talking to new people?
  • Are you afraid to accept new challenges in life?

     3) Do you have confidence on not just yourself but also on other people?


It is okay to have confidence in something you know well and not to have in something you aren’t familiar with. We all have our comfort zones and sometimes it is okay to enjoy it. But if you boost up your confidence limit outside your comfort zone, it will establish you as a much better person. You extend your own arms towards perfection.


If you trust yourself, you build up confidence.


At the end, I'm leaving you with a beautiful quotation by Oscar Wilde. I am sure you would like it -“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

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Dec 31, 1969
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